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Now that the smoke has cleared and Floyd Mayweather sits even higher atop the pound for pound mountain  after his win over Canelo,speculation has already started over Mayweather’s next opponent.There are a few names that have surfaced as likely next opponents with two being the most obvious.Danny Garcia is a top option after his  impressive win over Lucas Matthysse.The other is the winner of Devon Alexander vs Amir Khan.Out of the three I believe Amir Khan is not only the toughest opponent for Mayweather but the opponent that will bring the biggest fanbase and money.Garcia is coming into his own but he still is not a household name and his slow attack is tailor made for Mayweather.This combination will draw little interest from the casual fan who wants to see Mayweather  tested hard.Plus let’s not forget that the case can be made that Danny Garcia is far from ready to face Mayweather.Devon Alexander is an even harder sell.While I think Alexander has the one tool needed to test Mayweather which is speed, he too has a small fan base outside of St. Louis.Alexander is a better matchup for Mayweather because it would be a high speed fight but it wouldn’t sell a lick on PPV except for the Mayweather fans and haters that will buy it anyway.”The One” will put up huge PPV numbers when it’s all said and done with.And coming off a disapointing PPV number for Mayweather vs Guerrero last May,you can bet Golden Boy and Mayweather don’t want to return to those low numbers so soon after this huge Canelo fight.That leaves the best option in terms of  audience,PPV sales and competitiveness as being Amir Khan.

While alot of fans will scoff at the idea of Khan vs Mayweather,once you look at the options and the fight itself, it looks like a good idea.Fans are finally realizing that putting a slower,hard punching fighter in with Mayweather is nothing more than a recipe for an easy Mayweather win by decision.His fights against Victor Ortiz,Shane Mosley,Canelo,Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton are all strikingly similar.Mayweather outlands his opponent with the jab and makes his opponent miss all night.His angles,faints and speed are too much for these type of fighters.In his bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez and Robert Guerrero the mismatch was more evident as these fighters had even less power but they ended with the same result.Mayweather dominance.Amir Khan would be the fastest opponent Mayweather has ever faced.Khan will at least have a chance at beating Mayweather to the punch.Khan also has fast footwork which will help him avoid the Mayweather jab attack.Yes Khan has had chin issues but let’s be honest,Mayweather hasn’t knocked anyone out since Ricky Hatton.And Hatton was recklessly running into those knockouts in comical fashion.It would be interesting to see how Mayweather would deal with  Khan’s speed especially if Khan is out landing him.Throw into the equation that whether it be in Las Vegas or England,Khan brings a massive fanbase that are willing to travel to see him like they did for Ricky Hatton.If Mayweather can ever be talked into fighting at Wembley Stadium then we are talking bigger than big.It would be a huge event.Mayweather has said in the past that he wants to fight in England someday.This is his best opportunity.The only other option in the foreseeable future is Kell Brook and we haven’t seen enough of him to even know how good he is yet.

This fight will happen sooner than later.With Richard Schaefer talking about wanting to put this fight together in England and Mayweather Sr. giving it the thumbs up it seems like it’s just a matter of time.As long as Khan beats Alexander in December, we will likely see Mayweather facing Khan either in May or September 2014.


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