broner vs maidana

All boxing fans rejoiced as Showtime pulled Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana off PPV.It would have been tempting to order it because it is a good,very interesting fight but it just didn’t warrant 60-70 dollars to see it on PPV no matter who was on the undercard as well.Showtime and Golden Boy realized they would be in for some embarrassing PPV numbers and did the right thing.Even so,It will be one of the most anticipated fights in the last two months of 2013.The biggest question that will determine the outcome of this fight will be which Marcos Maidana will show up.Will it be the reformed brawler/boxer who tries to use his jab way too much or the headhunter that was ready to knock Amir Khan’s head into the first row?

It is obvious that Maidana does not like Broner and vice versa.But Maidana sounds like it’s a personal dislike of Broner like he had a personal dislike of Khan.This is bad news for Broner because he will be in danger of  getting huge shots to the head from the opening bell.Broner has a good defense but can be hit.He also does not have good,fast footwork.Broner has to plant himself to get off his punches.And if Paulie Malignaggi is right and Broner doesn’t hit hard and Maidana sees that as well..he is in trouble.This could be an exciting fight with all kinds of moments.We will see if Broner’s chin can handle Maidana’s power and we will see if Broner’s accurate counterpunching tags Maidana all night long.That’s what makes this fight interesting.If Maidana gets hit alot and his power doesn’t affect Broner it could be very much like when Maidana lost a wide decision to Devon Alexander.But if Maidana’s power does affect Broner we might see how Broner deals with getting knocked down and if AB has any heart.Hopefully this fight lives up expectations. Personally I will be rooting for Maidana but won’t be surprised at either outcome.



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