On September 28 at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom a huge fight takes place that will likely land the winner in a world title fight against one of the Klitschko brothers next year.David Haye who last fought in July of last year had a  TKO win over Dereck Chisora and  is back to take on unbeaten top heavyweight contender Tyson Fury.This has all the makings of an exciting brawl with a big possibility of someone winning by knockout.

Both these fighters are likeable and draw huge in the U.K. That’s what makes this fight even bigger than it already is based on their records.Haye has two losses but one came  back in 2004 to Carl Thompson when he was campaigning as a cruiserweight.Since 04 Haye’s only loss has been to Wladamir Klitschko in 2011.Whether it was the toe injury or not that Haye said stopped him from getting his punches off , it was not the performance the boxing world or Haye  expected.He lost pretty much every round and was outlanded at will by the taller Klitschko.Since that fight, Haye has been looking for either a rematch or a fight with younger brother Vitali.Add to the equation Haye retiring then coming back with the Chisora win  and he now finds himself in against yet another large opponent in Tyson Fury.Haye had a great performance against boxing giant Nikolay Valuev in 2009 but Valuev has much less ability than Klitschko or Fury.This fight against Fury will give us a better idea of who the real David Haye is.The fighter who beat Valuez and Chisora or the fighter who was beaten easily by Klitschko.

Tyson Fury has a very marketable package.He is a giant in the ring and has an outgoing personality that will no doubt help him get fights and promote them.He is not shy when it comes to telling people he believes who he can beat including calling out UFC’s Cain Velasquez.He is undefeated and when it looked like he would get upset in his last fight against Steve Cunningham he came back to KO him in the seventh round.All three judges had Fury down on the cards due to Cunningham dropping Fury in the second round.So Fury can take a punch and come back to win.Tyson Fury does have heart.

When Haye and Fury finally meet in September,expect to see a drama filled fight with plenty of taunting and swinging for the fences.Right now I think I’m leaning towards Fury but it all depends on if  Haye can close the gap and get significant shots landed on Fury.If Fury keeps Haye at a distance with the jab it could be much like the Klitschko fight for Haye.If Fury wants to engage more, anything can happen since Haye has power in both hands.This should be a great fight with the winner getting a Klitschko  title shot and maybe if whoever loses puts on a great performance as well,he might get the other Klitschko next as well.


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