canelo vs angulo
canelo vs angulo

Reports are that Canelo has chosen his next opponent which will be Alfredo Angulo for his PPV bout on March 8 at The MGM Grand.While I don’t think it is a PPV worthy fight,it will still be an exciting slugfest that will have fans excited.Coming off his loss to Floyd Mayweather in September .Canelo could have taken a softer opponent but instead took the dangerous Angulo.That in itself makes the fight worthwhile.Fans will debate whether it is worth the 65.oo PPV price, but that could also depend on the undercard.If they put another 2 or three good fights on the card, it might do well.Canelo is apparently going to be on PPV from now on, no matter who he faces, so fans have to accept that.

As far as the fight itself,Canelo has looked much better defensively as he gets bigger fights.Forget how he looked against Mayweather because Mayweather makes every fighter he is in with look bad defensively at times.Canelo has improved his head and foot movement.The one problem that Canelo has is he doesn’t throw enough punches.He waits for the perfect shot or counterpunch opportunity and much like the Austin Trout fight,he loses rounds to a good fighter that way.Canelo has to get much more aggresive.He has a good chin and could really hurt his opponets much earlier in the fight if he wasn’t so careful.Angulo himself has improved his defense in his last few fights.We know he has power as well which makes him always dangerous.But against Canelo,Angulo will take a beating I think.I can see this fight being competitive but when it comes down to it,who do you have winning a slugfest? My money is on Canelo.A late stoppage is likely in a fight that will have alot of action and will put Canelo back on track for possibly a Miguel Cotto or Sergio Martinez  showdown  later in 2014.Now Canelo vs Cotto or Martinez is definately PPV worthy!

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