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AR: 1)  Thank you for taking the time out and agreeing to do this interview with us. I would like to begin by asking you why with your size did you choose boxing over any other sport like let’s football or basketball.




DW: I played those sports but I had to explore my option elsewhere because of my now 8 year old daughter. I had her at 19 so I drop out of college to support her then I find boxing.




AR: 2)  Take me through a normal Deontay Wilder training camp. What is your daily routine?




DW: Strength training in the morning, get a good meal in my stomach, handle so business that’s going on that day then straight to the gym afterwards to put that boxing work in.




AR: 3) Which arena, have you yet to fight in, that you want to and why?




DW: I want to fight at the Coleman Coliseum here in my hometown, It’s where Alabama basketball team plays at.It’s perfect for boxing. One day I’ll fight there thou I’m not worried about it now I enjoy traveling to fight at the moment






4)  What division outside of the heavyweights do you keep up with?




DW: Not too many really, if a good fight come on ill watch it




5)  If you were a promoter name one “SUPER FIGHT” you would make?




DW: If I was a promoter I would build my fighter up, make him a champion and put him against the next biggest name in boxing at the moment.






6)  We’ve seen cases where athletes make a ton of money in a sport only to have their “friends”, “business associates”, lead them to bad investments or schemes. What have you done so far to limit the losses?




DW: I don’t believe in having many people around me, my circle is super small and God puts the right people in my life all the time its amazing. I have standards to whom I associate myself with not just anyone will get close to me I don’t care who they are or what they do.




7)  Name one heavyweight past or present that you would of wanted in the ring against and why?




DW: I would have to say George Foreman because it was known that he could hit really hard and I’m a really hard hitter as well so that would have been a great one. the title of that fight would have read ” Feel My Power “




8)  For those who say “you haven’t fought anyone, and don’t deserve a title shot” what do you have to say to them?




DW: I got four words for them “ Shut The Fluck Up” lol




9)  Is there anything you would like to say to your growing fan base?




DW: I just want to tell my fans that I love them and I really appreciate the support and its time to sit on the thorn for the king will be crowned.




10)  What will be the 1st BIG purchase you will make once you become WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT Champion?  




DW: I’m going to purchase a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe! BombZquad!!!!!




Thanks again Deontay for allowing myself and Team Left Jab to have this interview. Much appreciated!!

I see big things for Wilder and in my opinion it’s just a matter of time before Deontay is crowned Heavyweight Champion!!

Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder

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