1. Did you agree with the disqualification of Jose Uzcategui last weekend which gave Andre Dirrell the win?
ICEMAN: Absolutely not. With all due respect to everyone involved, because I consider both Andre and his brother Anthony to be boxing buddies of mine, but it is what it is. Those punches were well in motion when the bell rang and there is literally no way possible that guy could have stopped the release of his shots. I believe in their heart of hearts the Dirrell side knows that if the roles were reversed they would be asking for the result to be changed. The first shot landed and hurt him extremely badly and from where I sat, the bell had not rang yet. I’m 100 percent behind fairness and not rewarding a cheap shot or a blatant late hit but that is clearly not what happened here. Clearly.
2. What were your thoughts on the sucker punch Andre Dirrel’s Uncle landed on Uzcategui and was the punishment he received enough?
ICEMAN:  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that clown should go to jail for assault!! I mean, the fact that it took place in a boxing ring has no bearing on anything. A man assaulted another man with thousands upon thousands of witnesses tuned in. There is no self defense clause here. It was a blatant act by a pure stone cold coward of a so-called man. To stand there conversing with the cornerman and then to sucker punch this guy with no cause is the act of a pure coward.
3. With Shannon Briggs failing a PED test and the Fres Oquendo fight now off, is this the last we see Briggs taken seriously?
ICEMAN: You know what’s crazy? What Shannon did in terms of working his way into this opportunity was pure genius. He had a plan and he executed it beautifully. He took a page from Ali and got public sentiment behind him. I’ve also spoken to him privately about the motivation for his “Let’s go, Champ!” slogan and it really is something inspiring and motivational if you know the story behind it. I’ve always said he could easily turn this into a situation where he could use his story and his motivation for using the slogan as a way to really reach young people in the world in a very positive way. He was set up so beautifully, even his nay-sayers had their interest piqued in a big way, I’m sure of it.
Now, I don’t know what to say about it. I’m not sure what he even tested positive for and I’m not sure if there is an appeal process or any of those details. I can only say that I hope it all works out for him one way or another in the end.
4. How good do you think Gervonta Davis is after another impressive win last week over Liam Walsh?
ICEMAN:  Gervonta appears to be the real deal and he’s got a lot of people talking now. I like him and see him as being real but he’s essentially just really arrived on the big stage so there’s a lot of time for him to keep developing. He’s looking like a beast but imagine what he’ll look like in 18 months? He will really start peaking around the time that the other guys will sort themselves out.
Someone mentioned Lomachenko for him right after his victory the other day and that’s smart, to get his name mixed in with and mentioned in the same breath as a pound for pound guy, but I’d say actually going through with it isn’t realistic – and definitely not wise –  at this point.
5. With Mayweather vs McGregor still not finalized, when do you think the boxing fans lose interest?
ICEMAN: Me personally, I’ve never had any interest in it to lose. The fight means nothing to me. I see no way for Floyd to lose or to even be pushed competitively. I think many boxing fans, especially casual ones, and especially MMA fans, are going to salivate over this one until whenever it happens but it will literally make no difference to me. It has no bearing on boxing or the division it is being fought in.
6. With Errol Spence vs Kell Brook only days away, how do you see this fight going and do you agree with Spence being the favorite even though it’s in the U.K.?
ICEMAN: I think in many ways, with all things considered, its a 50-50 fight still. My instincts tell me that Spence is too strong and hard punching and he’ll get it done. Guys like him and with promoters like he has behind him, don’t take risks like this unless they are pretty comfortable with the situation. For me, the absolute biggest aspect of the entire fight right now is how well or how poorly Brook was able to shed all that solid muscle he put on for the Golovkin fight. This was not a guy who blew himself up to make a weight. He went up similar to how well Roy Jones packed on pounds for his heavyweight fight with John Ruiz back in 2003.
Now, packing on that weight and performing well with it is a great thing but as Roy found out, immediately turning around and losing muscle like that is no easy task.
If Brook shed that weight well and properly then we are about to see a potentially classic type of fight. A real nail biter. But if Kell had great difficulty losing those pounds then he probably picked one of the top two or three worst men in the world for him to face in his first fight under those circumstances.
7. Will Ward vs Kovalev 2 be another good fight or does one fighter make an adjustment which makes it a totally different fight in your opinion?
ICEMAN: I think the general consensus is that Andre will pick up where he left off in terms of having appeared to figure Sergey out by the end of the first fight. Going into the fight I figured Kovalev was going to be too strong and his jab was going to open up some serious power shots and I know that a great many people had him winning it but being there live I felt that Ward won a close one and I definitely felt that the last five rounds or so were Andre im a really, really deep groove, running on all cylinders. If he can take all of that into the rematch with him then he’s going to have a good night. I’m inclined to believe he will, he seemed to have more facets of his game that mixed well with what Sergey brought to the table, but I always remind myself that this is boxing.
What appears to be the obvious doesn’t always happen.
8. How good a fight will Adrien Broner vs Mikey Garcia be if it actually happens?
ICEMAN: I think the hype and the pre-fight show will far exceed the actual fight. I see some drama of course but at the end of it all I would think Mikey is too well conditioned and dedicated and well rounded to lose to Adrian.
9. Is Terence Crawford ready for the big names, mainly Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman who he called out recently?
ICEMAN: I would say yes, without a doubt. This guy is the real deal. I’m looking for him to be in the mix of that great welterweight division and we were just talking about it in the gym tonight as a matter of fact. Saying that if Errol Spence wins this fight over Brook then him and Crawford down the line is going to be a mega-fight for boxing fans all over the world. A Leonard-Hearns in 1981 level event.


Quote: “The wait in the dressing room before a professional boxing match -that last hour- could be enough to strip a man who never boxed before of whatever pride, desire and heart he THOUGHT he had”Iceman John Scully, April 2002

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