Let De La Hoya enjoy his retirement

 One thing that is getting old quick is the idea that Oscar De La Hoya will make a return to boxing.He fueled the latest speculation by saying on twitter that he can do damage to any 154 pounder except Canelo Alvarez.

 Even if it is true that he can do damage to any 154 pounder, who really wants to see him fight again?As a fan of De La Hoya, I say keep promoting and making good fights with Golden Boy Promotion and don’t even entertain the idea of coming back.The last thing fans of De La Hoya want to see is him losing badly to someone like K9 Bundgrade or Miguel Cotto…let alone Floyd Mayweather again.

 De La Hoya has admitted that he has the itch every day to box again but I think he does a great job running Golden Boy and most of the great fights we see are promoted by him.Top Rank doesn’t give us anywhere near the amount of good fights that Golden Boy does.Nothing good would come from De La Hoya coming back and I doubt he will.Oscar De La Hoya is a master promoter and by hinting he might come back he gets even more promotion for his company which is the whole idea I believe.

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