CZW Wired Champion Maxwell Jacob Feinstein AKA “MJF” joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio in a cross-over appearance to talk about his plans for his career as well as everything he has going on now.Here are all the topics discussed with MJF…

1. MJF’s motivation to start a wrestling career over a football career

2. Who was MJF a fan of growing up and who motivated him to become a wrestler

3.  Training and starting his career at Create A Pro on Long Island

4. How close is the MJF character to Feinstein’s real personality

5. What’s the better route to becoming a force in wrestling..a heel or babyface?

6. Thoughts on working for CZW and becoming their Wired Champion

7. The fan backlash against wrestling booking on the Indy scene

8. CZW’s change from Ultraviolence to a more balanced roster/wrestling card

9. Jimmy Havok winning TOD 16

10. WWE Aspirations

11. Upcoming schedule

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