The Moment

     America’s most popular and polarizing boxer Floyd Mayweather makes his return to the ring this Saturday for his PPV matchup with Marcos Maidana. The undercard features Maidana’s most recent victim, Adrien Broner taking on Carlos Molina, and Amir Khan taking on Luis Collazo.
       People who have read me here on Team Left Jab know I was fascinated by AB’s talent and really thought he had the talent to take over boxing, as the next Mayweather. He has the blazing fast hands, with a little stockier physique which seemed to translated to more power at the lower divisions. Unfortunately Adrien fell for the same t.v. antics Floyd’s fans did, and he didn’t realize a lot of Floyd’s casual attitude towards diet is really an act. Plus,  Floyd never drinks, while Adrien would pack on alcohol related pounds in between fights while touring with rappers and being the life of the party.
      He pulled it off until running into Marcos Maidana, who delighted fans by shutting up the arrogant Broner and putting a beating on the young braggart. Now Broner looks to get back on the path to be a PPV star and this starts against feather fisted Carlos Molina  I think Molina is tailor made for Broner and Al Haymon is playing it safe for his future mealticket. Molina is a good solid boxer, but he isn’t particularly fast and is not a power puncher at all. I expect this fight to look a lot like the Gavin Rees fight, where Broner boxes his opponent for the first 2-3 rounds, and for Molina to expose some of Broner’s defensive flaws and land some overhand right hands. But Molina won’t hit hard enough to deter Adrien and around the 4th Adrien will walk down Molina and get a stoppage. It should be be a showcase for Broner for him to get highlights and get him back on the map and winning.
Broner TKO 6
       The most competitive fight on the card in my mind is Khan Collazo. This fight has all types of possibilities. Collazo is a solid fundamental fighter who has had trouble against top level competition. That hasn’t detered him though and he has continued to fight and improve despite the losses. He followed his loss in 2011 to Freddy Hernandez with 4 consecutive wins including wins over Alan Sanchez and Victor Ortiz. He struggled with Andre Berto’s speed which makes me wonder if Khan will be able to dominate with pure boxing, jab and movements. But Collazo knows he just needs to rattle Khan to get him off his gameplan. Khan was dominating Garcia for almost 2 rds before he got cracked and turned into a brawler, which is not a good style for him. He looked average in outpointing Broner’s opponent Carlos Molina. He could either outbox Collazo for all 12 rds or get caught up in a brawl and get stopped. I think Collazo will seduce Khan into a real fight and win by stoppage
Collazo TKO 7
       Although Marcos Maidana definitely earned his matchup with Floyd I think he is tailor made for Floyd. Although he is awkward and attacks from non conventional angles, he is rather crude compared to top level boxers. Floyd has the movement and effective counters to thwart Maidana’s blunt efforts to bully his opponent. I expect Floyd to use crisp counters to dull the fight, and wear Maidana down. People think Mayweather needs to be bullied but I think it’s gonna take a fast boxer to beat Mayweather. He is too much the matador to the raging bull when you try to overpower him. I don’t see any reason to believe this is the fight when Mayweather finally succumbs to age so I think he will cruise to an unanimous decision.
Mayweather UD 12
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