Last night’s Knockout Kings 2 card has been given thumbs up by almost everyone who saw it.However,anyone who knows anything about boxing  saw  right through this “great night of  boxing” and realized  that Soto Karass came through big time.

Soto Karass has certainly revitalized his career in the last year and a half with a tough loss against Marcos Maidana and wins over Selcuk Aydin and now Andre Berto.Soto Karass came out battering  Berto in the first round and never stopped.Berto looked like a lost fighter struggling to figure out his style.In his last fight he was Floyd Mayweather but that didn’t work.Now he was back to being Andre Berto but not the Berto who went to war on the ropes.Virgil Hunter probably thought he had Berto back to being himself.Soto Karass had the jab and reach going and was outlanding  Berto from the getgo.Once Berto started having a shoulder issue the beating  really started.Every round after the third Soto Karass was landing at will and won round after round.Berto’s saving grace in this beating will be that he hurt his shoulder.But the fact that he took yet another beating,injury or not, proves what many already know.Andre Berto is not that good.He is and always was a good mid level fighter who has gotten a tremendous push and title shot after title because of connections.If you think this was Berto’s last  televised fight or big fight you can forget that.Guarantee you will see him being pumped up in Berto/Ortiz 2 next year some time.The most embarrassing part of last night that was swept under the rug because Soto Karass won by KO was the scorecards.It was a draw at the time Soto Karass knocked Berto out.One judge had Berto up,one had Soto Karass up and the other had it even.Berto lost almost every round after the third and he lost the first and second.Yet the judges were more than willing to steal Soto Karass’ win and give it to Berto for all the obvious reasons.This is why boxing is not as popular as MMA.Boxing is at the point were unless a knockout happens in a close fight the result is predetermined.Boxing is getting more like wrestling every year and it’s getting worse.

And while Soto Karass’ upset knockout of Andre Berto was obviously the knockout of the night,Golden Boy gave Keith Thurman the KO King title.Thurman,who already knocked  Diego Chaves down in the previous round,knocked Chaves out by a flurry of shots that  floored Chaves .Chaves knockout was a knockout by a volume of punches while Soto Karass knockout of Berto was a true one shot KO to the chin that had Berto unable to continue.But Thurman was given the gift title of KO King…What a surprise!

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This Saturday night Showtime presents Knockout Kings 2 with the main event featuring Andre Berto facing  Jesus Soto Karass.

Soto Karass has had two impressive showings in his last two fights including a win over Selcuk Aydin in his last fight and he took Marcos Maidana into a war before being stopped in the 8th round.Andre Berto hasn’t fought since his beatdown at the hands of  Robert Guerrero last November.This is a good fight for Berto because he is a notch above Karass and should win this fight but it could wind up being a war.Ever since Berto has stepped up his competition he hasn’t been so dominant.A loss to Victor Ortiz accounts for his only other loss.It seems like Berto may be a good fighter with good punching power and speed but not elite.He won’t need to be elite in this fight though.Soto Karass has only won 3 of his last 9 fights including losses to Maidana,Alfonso Gomez,Mike Jones twice and Gabe Rosado.It’s strange to see anyone with that bad a record the last few years headlining even a televised card but for some reason he is.Guess they are back to building Berto up with subpar competition.Nevertheless Berto wins this fight by unanimous decision in what will be an action fight at times.No knockouts but Soto Karass may hit the canvas a few times.


ALSO Keith Thurman faces Diego Chaves.Chaves has literally faced no one even remotely good.That’s why he is undefeated.Thurman hasn’t faced anyone good either but he did face Jan Zaveck who was a overblown european champion and looked average at best winning by decision.Zaveck is better than Chavez though and we will find out that Saturday night when Thurman wins in the later rounds by TKO.

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Imagine the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn packed and going crazy with every shot landed between “Kid Chocolate” Peter Quillin and “The Golden Child” Danny Jacobs.This fight might happen sooner than we think as Kid Chocolate gets more impressive with each win and Jacobs needs better competition and is ready for a world title shot after overcoming the odds and cancer.

Kid Chocolate is on a serious roll.He is undefeated at 29-0 and has not been tested yet.He has beaten the likes of N’Jikam and Fernando Guerrero impressively in his last two fights at the Barclay’s Center.He has good power with 21 KO’S and also has the speed and accuracy to be a serious threat to any middleweight.The problem of course is getting these big names in the ring.Sergio Martinez   fights  on HBO and has not shown any interest in fighting Quillin.It would be a hard fight to make because of the networks but more so because Martinez has never had any interest in making it happen.Martinez is on his last legs and when he does get back in the ring he will likely go for a big money rematch with Chavez Jr instead of a riskier fight against Kid Chocolate.Golovkin would be a great fight  for Quillin.Quillin has said that the risk of the fight doesn’t match the reward it terms of money yet as Golovkin is still building up his name.Golovkin is building up his name fast with impressive KO wins on HBO.This fight can definately happen but it won’t be a real possiblity until maybe next summer or later.That’s were Danny Jacobs comes in.


Golden Boy has mentioned Jacobs as a possible opponent for Quillin recently.This fight right now makes sense.Since coming back from beating cancer Jacobs has run through his opponents.They haven’t been big names as he was building himself back up but never the less he has looked very strong and impressive.Jacobs fights Giovanni Lorenzo who is  32-5 with 24 KO’S next in August.Another impressive win by Jacobs and he should be ready for a big fight or even better a world title fight.So while Kid Chocolate waits for Golovkin to build his name up even more,would he fight Jacobs in Brooklyn in what would be a great main event that would get alot of attention especially on the east coast.I don’t see why not.It would sell out the Barclay’s Arena and would set up the winner for Golovkin in the future.

Kid Chocolate would be a favorite in the fight but Jacobs would be by far a tougher opponent than Quillin has faced so far.Jacobs has fast hands,a good chin and power.He would test Quillin much more than any opponent he has faced to date.This would be an excellent fight that would have The Barclay’s Center going crazy.And if Jacobs beat Kid Chocolate it would be a memorable upset..Jacobs beat cancer and he has a good chance of beating Quillin too!

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Now that the horrible idea of having Zab Judah fight Danny Garcia in a rematch from a mostly one sided win by Garcia earlier this year is dead,we can get to a real challenge for Garcia-Lucas Matthysse.This is the fight everyone in the boxing world wants to see since Matthysse knocked Lamont Peterson out.It is right up there in demand behind Canelo vs Mayweather and it will be on the undercard.That prety much guarantees a huge PPV buy rate having these two mega fights on the same card.Very smart by Golden Boy.

Many think that Matthysse will beat Garcia and do so by knockout.Matthysse has huge power and can knock anyone out.We haven’t seen Danny Garcia get tested to his chin yet.We will in this fight.But everyone seems to forget that Danny Garcia is the better boxer.He is much more calculated and accurate.Matthysse takes alot more chances and exposes himself to counter punches which Garcia will likely take advantage of.Garcia is the type of fighter that doesn’t blow you away when you see him box.Sometimes he seems slow like when he fought Amir Khan.Khan was outlanding him at will but once Garcia patiently timed and  connected, Khan was done.Same thing with Judah.Garcia methodically chased Judah down and punished him for most of the fight.Judah hit the canvas as well.I don’t see Matthysse being the one to beat Garcia.Matthysse did not knock Devon Alexander or Zab Judah out and I don’t see him knocking Danny Garcia out either.Everyone went crazy when Matthysse knocked Peterson out .Maybe Lamont Peterson was just not that good.He had a questionable win over Amir Khan not only because he was caught taking supplements but he lost the fight regardless.It took a split decision and a ref deducting 2 points from Khan for Peterson to win.It was a true hometown decision at The Convention Center in Washington that Brooklyn and The Barclay’s Center should take notes on.I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garcia land one of  his big uppercuts and Matthysse gets knocked down.Danny Garcia will beat  Lucas Matthysse convincingly in September and put his name in the hat for future mega fights.

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After seeing Kell Brook beat Carson Jones again in their rematch Saturday,there’s no doubt  Brook is ready to step in the ring with a big name.Brook is undefeated and has steadily stepped up his competition in the last two years by beating the likes of Carson Jones,Lovemore Ndou,Mathew Hatton and Rafal Jackiewicz.He had a big title fight postponed and finally cancelled against Devon Alexander earlier this year due to injuries by himself,Alexander then himself again.Now after this win against Jones ,Eddie Hearn has said he already has a big name,big fight lined up for September.

Early rumors are that the big name is Shane Mosley.While most fans will look at this fight as Brook taking on an over the hill star no more,it still is the biggest step up Brook has faced.Mosley looked decent in beating Pablo Cesar Cano in Mexico last month.I would pick Brook to beat Mosley and easily if it’s in England.Even if it’s in the United States Brook will box circles around Mosley.Brook has too much speed,accuracy and power to not win this fight.But we still don’t know if it will be Mosley,it’s a rumor at this point.Other names like Marcos Maidana and Victor Ortiz have been mentioned.Those are two dangerous fights for Brook but ones that would pay off alot more than a win over Mosley.A win over Victor Ortiz or Maidana would line Brook up for a title fight against the winner of the Amir Khan vs Devon Alexander title fight.Whoever wins that fight would be perfect to face Brook.Khan would make it a high speed battle of two of the U.K.’s most popular fighters right now and Alexander would be unfinished business in a fight that should have happened already.Brook can definately outbox Maidana like Devon Alexander did but Victor Ortiz might be alot tougher for him.Ortiz has more power and if his heads on straight fight night he is a tough fight to win.Brook can still win but it would be more of a war than Maidana would be because Ortiz is faster and can catch up to Brooks more than Maidana could.Whoever Kell Brook faces next will answer alot of questions about Kell Brook.We will find out if he’s “Special” K or just a hype job that couldn’t reach the next level.

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What would the boxing landscape look like in the aftermath of a Mayweather loss? How bout a Mayweather knockout? As we saw when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel  Marquez, fans lose interest in a star quickly once they no longer seem invincible.True, Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley and probably to Marquez in their previous fight but those fights were controversial and ended in decisions.Since Pacquiao was knocked out you don’t hear his name as much and he is no longer considered a pound for pound king.If Mayweather loses boxing will be more popular than it has been in years and the best in boxing label will be up for grabs.

Most people think Canelo is a big underdog to Mayweather in their September 14 fight.It could wind up being a mismatch if Canelo can’t keep up with Mayweather and has to chase him all night.If that happens Canelo will likely get tired in the later rounds and start taking chances.That’s when Mayweather can start piling up rounds by countering Canelo and winning every round.But what happens if Canelo lands a shot flush on Mayweather,whether it’s to the face or body, that floors Mayweather.A knockout of Mayweather is probably what it will take for Canelo to win.Can’t see Canelo outboxing him or winning a decision.The only possibility is maybe a split decison like Bradley won over Pacquiao.If Canelo wins,no matter what fashion, it will be worldwide news and would drive boxing’s popularity through the roof.It would definately set up a mega rematch that would set records in PPV buys and attendance.A Canelo win would also propel him into the top P4P rankings neck in neck with Mayweather and both would probably land behind Andre Ward.Depending on the outcome of their fight in September,Canelo and Mayweather could wind up pushing boxing’s popularity up more than it has in many years. Or it could just be another ho-hum Mayweather win that didn’t live up to the hype.But if Canelo does knock out Mayweather it will be replayed for years just like Buster Douglas’ knockout of Mike Tyson still is today.

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As   Floyd Mayweather gets ready for Canelo in September and Manny Pacquiao prepares to face Brandon Rios in November, the boxing world has forgotten about a superfight between the two.What was more of a popularity contest than a dream fight,fans and “expert” writers drooled over this match up for much of the last 5 years.The resumes never quite matched up and the pros and cons of the fight all leaned towards a Mayweather win.But everyone wanted to see it regardless based on Pacquiao’s stretch of wins by KO’S that has come to a stop over the last year and a half.


From the beginning the matchup was a bad one for Pacquiao.His wreckless hit and run, jump in and out style would have been picked apart by Mayweather all night.Mayweather would have countered Pacquiao so badly that the fight likely would have ended in a KO of Pacquiao.The intriguing part of the matchup for Pacman supporters was how many punches Pacquiao throws and lands in his fights.The idea of Pacman barraging Mayweather every round with big shots is what drove the curiosity for this fight up.But as we saw recently when Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero,who also has a reputation for outlanding his opponents by a large margin, Mayweather is the master of defusing offenses.Mayweather would have frustrated Manny.He would have countered him and Floyd would have been the one landing big shots all night..not Pacquiao.It would not have been the dream fight everyone thought it would be.Most likely it would have been a mirror image of when Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton.Exciting for a few rounds until Mayweather timed Pacquiao,then the mismatch would begin.Mayweather would have won by Knock out or at the very least unanimous decision.


The other part of this superfight that never made sense was the resumes of each fighter.Pacquiao had two losses in his early career to no namers and another loss to Erik Morales.Add to that the draw and perceived losses to Juan Manuel Marquez.All that while Floyd faced better opposition and was perfect.True Pacquiao fought and beat big names like De La Hoya,Mosley,Hatton and Cotto.But only after Mayweather beat them more convincingly when they were a year or two younger and more on their game.Mayweather beat Juan Manuel Marquez easily in 2009 while Pacquiao has had trouble with Marquez in every fight with him possibly losing as many as 4 of their fights included the disputed early ones.

If the fight was to happen next year it would be even more of a mismatch than it would have been had it happened in 09-12 when it was a hot topic.As Mayweather seems to be staying at the highest level at his age,Pacquiao doesn’t have the power he had a few years back Pacman’s overall skills have depleted enough where every fight now is competitive.Gone are the days of Pacquiao laying out Hatton and beating up Mosley,Cotto and Margarito.And the days of calling this a superfight are also gone.Lucky for Pacquiao it never happened!


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Have we ever seen a more overhyped boxing prospect in recent years than Adrien Broner? Probably not.While Broner does have talent,he  is not the future of boxing ,no matter how many times boxing “experts”,ignorant fans and Broner himself tell you he is.It’s fairly easy to break down the creation of Adrien Broner just by looking at the facts.


The comparison between the two is exhausting.Yes Broner acts like Mayweather.Yes Broner tries to emulate Mayweather in the ring but the results are not even close to being the same.Broner lacks the footwork Mayweather has because he fights very flatfooted.Mayweather avoids alot of punishment by being fleet of foot and moving in and out of the danger zone at will.Broner is there to be hit all night and takes alot of clean punches to the face and body that you never see Mayweather take.True he copies Mayweather’s shoulder roll defense but even that doesn’t work as well for him as it does for Mayweather.He does not have the reflexes Mayweather has to frustrate his opponent with the shoulder roll.If anything it seems to open him up to easier body shots.Broner has a quick right hand like Mayweather but so does alot of other boxers.The saddest part of Broners obsession with being Mayweather is his unoriginality.From destroying money to copying Mayweathers weigh-in antics,theres nothing here to see but a bad Floyd imitation.



In Broner’s first World title fight, he defeated Vincente Rodriguez for the vacant WBO featherweight title.Vincente who?Exactly..I never heard of him till that fight either.In Broner’s second World title fight, he defeated Antonio Demarco for the WBC lightweight title.Demarco was handpicked because he was a very weak champion who was best known for quitting on his stool against Edwin Valero.In Broner’s third World title fight he was given a gift split decision win against Paulie Malignaggi  for the WBA title even though Malignaggi outworked him and won the fight at least 7 rounds to 5.Broner moved up two weight classes and immediately was given a world title fight.That tells you all you need to know about what is going on with the politics of boxing and Broner.


Back in 2009 Broner fought Fernando Quintero and was outworked,outjabbed and still won a majority decision in the first of three gift wins where Broner clearly lost.In many peoples eyes Broner lost to Ponce De Leon in 2011 by a good amount of rounds.De Leon controlled the action and was tagging Broner all night but Broner was given the decision.In Broner’s recent fight against Paulie Malignaggi he lost three of the first four rounds by being badly outworked.In the mid rounds Broner landed more but was still not controlling the fight.Malignaggi came on srong in the last three rounds to win the fight on the cards but Broner was given the split decision win.Not a surprise at all as Broner is seen as the golden boy.Marcos Maidana is being talked about as being Broner’s next opponent.Think he has a chance at winning a decision?

FACT#4-FANS WILL EVENTUALLY CATCH ON-Whether it’s his no class acts during the pre-fight promotion or his arrogant Mayweather clone antics,fans will eventually get tired of it.Fans of boxing and most sports are front runners.As soon as Broner is defeated all air will be let out of this balloon.Like Mayweather,fans are tuning in to see Broner lose.Take that away and the curiosity is gone.Look at how fast the fight of the century disappeared from fans minds once Pacquiao was layed out by Marquez.Give Mayweather a loss and will fans pay sixty dollars to see Floyd run around for twelve rounds.No is the answer.And Broner is small time compared to Manny and Floyd.



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