Danny Garcia Gets Zab Judah In BK January 19

When Danny Garcia faces Zab Judah in Brooklyn on January 19, we most likely will be watching Judah’s last shot at making a big splash in boxing.Unfortunately Judah will be facing Danny Garcia who is on a serious roll with wins over Eric Morales twice and Amir Khan.Not only is he winning but he is knocking his opponents out and I can’t help but think that’s exactly how this fight will end for Judah.

 This fight was in talks for the opening card for the Barclay’s Center but it never materialized due to the fact that Judah and Golden Boy could not agree on the payout.So Eric Morales was chosen and we all know how that ended.Judah is a decent pick for the second boxing show in Brooklyn because he’s from Brooklyn but that’s as far as it goes.I don’t see Judah handling Garcia at all.Judah is not as fast or slick as he once was and I think Garcia will hunt him down slowly like he did to Morales and Khan.Sooner or later Garcia will connect with the uppercut on him and Judah does go down.This time I doubt he gets up.I can see Garcia getting a KO win after knocking Judah senseless around the 7th or 8th round.Then it’s on to a real challenge for Garcia.

 If Garcia wins this fight by KO again,their will be more of a calling for him to face KO king Lucas Mathysse.We all know Mathysse is undefeated in reality because he beat Alexander but had the decision stolen from him by the judges in St.Louis and he beat Judah but also somehow lost that decision.Garcia vs Mathysse will be a great fight if it happens and it will really show that Danny Garcia has arrived as a huge star if he beats him.

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Peter Quillin fought a great fight against Hassam N’Dam to win his WBO world title but was the fight worthy of a rematch?

 When N’Dam signed on to fight Kid Chocolate there was a clause in the contract for a rematch and it’s being looked at by Golden Boy.But the fight won’t happen immediately so unless N’Dam can get back to his winning ways and stay relevant in the eyes of boxing fans don’t hold your breath on seeing that rematch.As much heart as N’Dam showed he was knocked down 6 times.It was very impressive that he kept getting up and fighting on but truthfully he never had Quillin in any kind of trouble.So is there really a need to see this fight again? Chances are Quillin would beat N’Dam again quite handily.The fight wasn’t close in my eyes so I just don’t see the need for it except that N’Dam has a rematch clause.

 The chances of this fight happening are slim not only because as time goes on the fans that are looking to see the rematch will fade away.N’Dam won’t be on TV most likely and even if he gets a win in his next fight it won’t get much press.Quillin will move onto bigger and better things as he tries to get a big name in the middleweight division now that he’s a champ.Maybe if Sergio Martinez can not get the Mayweather fight he wants and Chavez Jr.wants to wait until next fall for that rematch,Quillin can grab that big fight.There are many interesting options available for Kid Chocolate in his next fight.

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Check out this interview by TeamLeftjab with WBA Champ Paulie Malignaggi’s cornerman Peter Sferrazza as he hits the hot topics from the aftermath of Cano/Malignaggi!!

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Unfortunately for Victor Ortiz, the surgery on his broken jaw has not healed correctly which led to him getting a second surgery to realign it again.

 It sounds like we won’t see Ortiz in a ring again until maybe next summer if not later depending on how his jaw heals after the second surgery.Ortiz is still young so it’s not the timetable that has to make you wonder if his career is in question.The question is will Ortiz ever be the same after this setback.Let’s face it,Ortiz has a very fragile personality.Whether it’s the time he quit vs Marcos Maidana or the headbutt that led to his meltdown against Floyd Mayweather,something strange always happens in recent Ortiz bouts.Maybe it’s just bad luck but aside from the Berto fight which he won last year,Ortiz has not had many good moments.We can only imagine what crazy spectacle would have happened if he fought Canelo in September as he was supposed to before he broke his jaw.

 We won’t know any answers until next year.And we won’t really know how Ortiz is in the ring until he takes some big shots on that chin.Will he be able to handle them or will he panic and go into meltdown mode.I like Ortiz and will be rooting for him but the odds are against him here in my opinion.

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Danny Garcia continued his winning ways last night by destroying and possibly retiring Erik Morales.A brutal KO that landing Morales almost outside the ring through the ropes puts the radar on Garcia as one of boxing’s elite fighters.

 The choice of Morales was an odd choice from the beginning because Garcia already beat him and outboxed him badly at that.Their also wasn’t an outcry for a rematch.Most fans would have rather seen Garcia defend his titles against Zab Judah especially since the card was in Brooklyn.But regardless of that,Garcia has put together an undefeated streak of 25-0 with big wins over Morales twice and an impressive KO win over Amir Khan this past summer.

 It will be interesting to see who is picked as Garcia’s next opponent.Their is alot of talk of a possible fight with Lucas Mattysse who is the intern WBC champion and has a record of 32-2 with his 2 losses controversial on the cards.Those losses were to Devon Alexander in St.Louis where Alexander received a hometown decision.The other was to Zab Judah and while he seemed to win more rounds and dropped Judah he still lost another controversial decision.Mattysse has not been convincingly defeated yet and has 30 KO’s which makes him dangerous against anyone.Garcia has been landing the hook to knock out his last opponents so we know he has power also.Hopefully we get this fight next.

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 Paulie Malignaggi won a split decision last night in a war with Pablo Cano that possibly sets up a rematch with Ricky Hatton early next year if Hatton can do his part and win his comeback fight November 24 against Senchenko.

 Throughout the first half of the fight Malignaggi controlled each round with the jab and while Cano landed his shots,most were blocked or brushed off.A cut above Cano’s eye in the same area as the Morales fight reopened and got bigger as the night went on.Cano,who had come into the fight overweight and was not eligible to win the WBA title had his moments at times but never really hurt Malignaggi until the 11th round where he caught him and Malignaggi went down for the first time since the Cotto fight in 2006.Malignaggi was not hurt and rose immediately and went on to outbox Cano the last round and a half.The scoring was strange as one judge had Malignaggi losing 118-109 which how can you not expect at least one score like that these days as boxing judges get more ridiculous by the fight.The other judges had it 114-113 which were too close for what actually happened in the fight.Malignaggi won the fight more convincingly than that.Cano’s only shining moment was the knockdown,other than that he lost 8 of the other 11 rounds.Some rounds were close but Cano lost them.The judges probably were caught up in the moment of hearing Cano’s entire family as a cheering section in the first row.Iv’e never seen that before.And if the fight was close in some fans eyes keep in mind Cano did not do his job and came in not making weight so on a close card he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt for anything.Nevertheless, Malignaggi won and despite some of the unloyal fans in the crowd who can’t score a fight and booed the result, it sets up all eyes on Ricky Hatton on November 24.Hopefully, Hatton wins and we get Malignaggi-Hatton 2.

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Lets get right to the big 4 fights everyone will be anticipating…..

1.N’DAM VS KID CHOCOLATE-I see Kid Chocolate winning this fight fairly convincingly.N’Dam is an unknown fighter who is considered decent and a tough fighter but I think Quillin is coming into his own and has great skills.Kid Chocolate will batter the body and wear his opponent down here and win round after round.I can see a TKO but most likely a decision win for Quillin.

Winner: Kid Chocolate by UD

2.DEVON ALEXANDER VS RANDALL BAILEY- Randall Bailey will have a hard time connecting that knockout punch on Alexander all night.I think Alexander outworks Bailey pretty much every round.The fight will stay competitive because of the threat of Bailey’s KO power though.But I see Alexander doing what he always does.He will tag Bailey then step out alot and rack up points with the 1-2 and jab.

Winner: Devon Alexander by UD

3.PAULIE MALIGNAGGI VS PABLO CESAR CANO-This fight has Malignaggi-Diaz 2 written all over it.Cano is a decent fighter but Paulie is on a higher level.If Eric Morales can jab Cano’s face to a bloody mess,Malignaggi will land just as much and probably alot more.Cano will have a moment or two but Paulie wins this one going away.

Winner: Paulie Malignaggi by wide UD

4.ERIC MORALES VS DANNY GARCIA-Morales will take a beating in this fight.How can the outcome be any different when Morales is a year older and Garcia is now a champion and his confidence is through the roof.Garcia beats Morales up again and the ref stops it late.

Winner: Danny Garcia by TKO 10

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October 21st, 2012

                                                         By Magic Mike

I think everybody but me is picking the quick ( 23-1 ) 13 KO’s Devon Alexander, and why not the kid is good. The boxing world is acting like that 11th rd ko Bailey ( 43-7 ) 37 KO’s put on Mike Jones ( NO NOT THAT MIKE JONES, THIS MIKE JONES ) was luck. If you put your bifocal glasses on and look at his record real good you will see he has 37 KO’s out of 50 fight’s. ( DO THE MATH )! That means watch the hell out for his right hook or just watch out for the right hand period! On Saturday night that is what Devon ‘ The Great ‘ will be doing. I see Alexander avoiding Bailey as much as he can but at the same time trying to use work of his SouthPaw skills and trying to land some points. This fight is going to the cards unless ‘ The Great’s ‘ face walk’s into or shake hands with Bailey’s right hand. Bailey wins by SD. ur boy @dmagicmike88

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Dr Uppercut’s 5 Punch Combo



DING! From the opening bell Rios-Alvarado was everything we expected and more. I loved Rios telling Robert Garcia “I fuckin love this!” in Spanish in between the 1st and 2nd rounds. Rios has an unbelievable chin and it was in full display taking shots from Mile High Mike all night long. I thought Alvarado won the most of the early rounds but noted at no point was any man buckled or staggered or dazed through 5. But in the 6th it all changed, as did the momentum and feel of the fight. Once Rios hurt Alvarado he attacked like a pit bull in a meat locker! He had a second burst of energy and didn’t let up. He forced the stoppage with a controlled effective aggression. It was a great fight and a great win for Rios who in my mind took a great opportunity Saturday night and turned himself into a major star.


Mike Alvarado has nothing to be ashamed of, and fans need to continue to support this tough fighter. I would hope he is not disregarded because he now has a loss on his record. He showed a great chin and was never even knocked down. He was aggressive, showed a willingness to mix it up, and displayed inside and outside skills. He knew to jab and fight outside but his heart wouldn’t let him. His willingness to fight inside was the key to making it the dazzling spectacle it was, but probably lead to his loss. He was actually controlling the fight from the outside, but wasn’t able to decline Rios invitation to trade inside often enough to pull off the victory.

                                                                  Left Hook

Where does each fighter go from here??  Rios is rumored to be in line for the winner of Pac-Marquez 4, or for the Dec. 15th slot vacated by Tim Bradley. But who would he fight? The 140 lb division looks like a cocktail party hosted by Oscar De La Hoya. I don’t really see who he could fight in December that fights at 140 right now. I would love to see him fight Pac or Marquez. The Boxer/Brawler matchup would be fun in either way. I would favor him against Marquez, and vs Pac would be a tossup. Alvarado would have a bunch of great comeback fight against Golden Boy fighters, but his Top Rank prospects aren’t as promising. If Marquez loses, I think a matchup against JMM would be great, although Marquez wouldn’t really go for it. Maybe Bob could convince Zab Judah to step in and face him, otherwise a showcase fight then a rematch with Rios. Both men have exciting prospects for their future, despite the black cloud the Top Rank Golden Boy Cold War is putting over potential fights.

                                                                   Right Hook

The TBRB(Transnational Boxing Ratings Board) is here! In a grassroots effort to counter the Ring’s change in policy, several writers and bloggers have formed a non profit rankings panel in an effort to provide an unbiased guide to the top fighters in each weight class. I fully support their efforts and I am excited for the panel, consisting of many boxing scribes you probably know and follow on Twitter. Check out the rankings here http://www.tbrb.org/rankings/ . I wanted everyone to be aware of this because I will probably be using this as my main ranking resource in my future writings. In summary…It’s pretty cool. Check it out for yourself!



      So, unfortunately I have to disagree with my esteemed colleague Magic Mike about the Rios stoppage. I was in my living room screaming,” Take a knee!! TAKE A KNEE!!!” When Alvarado went against the ropes he was providing no offense and little to no defense. Yes he is a WARRIOR, and he could have recovered, but he needed to stop the onslaught that Rios was inflicting. For the first time all night, they were no longer trading punches, Rios was throwing unanswered, and most were landing. As a certified badass, it was obvious Alvarado didn’t know the strategy for this situation, cause a banger like him is never in that situation. His superior chin was his undoing, if he would have fell like Martinez did, he would have had legal time to recover and continue the fight. I personally feel the best call would have been a standing 8 count, but I’m not sure whether that was an option under CA rules. That would have been best but I think the referee made a good stoppage in the interest of fighter safety.

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