• LEFTJAB:  How did you get involved in boxing and specifically a trainer at Gleason’s gym?

    DEVON: Years ago as a karate practitioner, I wanted to be able to use my hands better. My friend Michael Husbands, also a karateka, boxed at Gleasons under his then trainer, Shelvin. While sparring he kept punching me in the head & I had no idea how to get out of the way. That’s when I decided to also take that trip to Dumbo. I still wanted to continue kicking, so I worked with Fred Corritone, & Tony Aronow who not only thought me how to box, but got me 2 world titles as a kickboxer. I got my 3rd one with Hector Roca, who showed me some real intricate things about boxing. During my kickboxing years I was teaching my sister Alicia Ashley to box, & so when Bruce Silverglade asked me to be a resident kickboxing trainer at Gleason’s gym, there was no hesitation. I eventually gravitated to mainly teaching boxing, & guided Alicia to 4 professional World Titles, & trained a string of Golden Gloves winners.

    LEFTJAB:  Besides Heather Hardy have you trained anyone else?

    DEVON: Current WBC Professional World Champion, Alicia “Slick” Ashley, 3 time Golden Gloves Champion Ruth “Ruthless” O’Sullivan & 2013 Golden Gloves 141 lbs. Champion, Paul “The Viper” Anthony, who though still an amateur, will be making as nice a splash in the boxing world as Heather did.

    LEFTJAB: You and Heather Hardy seem like you work great together. How did you both meet?

    DEVON: She came to Gleason’s to learn boxing with some kickboxing background, & was assigned to Alicia. She badly wanted to fight & with just a little over a month of training with her, she had her first bout. With strong determination & heart she fought hard, but the technique was lacking. After her 2nd amateur fight and another loss, she said, “I don’t want to lose anymore.” I saw how much she seriously wanted to box, & her promise to work hard on doing the things needed to make her boxing better, was all I had to hear. It was financially difficult for her as a single mom having to work crazy hours at multiple jobs. So I knew finding enough time for her daughter & getting in the proper training that was needed would not be easy. So I made an offer to her. That was when the partnership started. She began assisting me with the physical training of my clients, & eventually grew into an excellent boxer, respected trainer & full time partner at Gleason’s Gym.

    LEFTJAB: What do you see in Heather Hardy’s future?

    DEVON: I see Heather not only as another future World Champion, but also as a strong advocate for the equality of women’s boxing. She fights again on September 16th at the Resorts World Casino in Queens. You can check out her fan page for details at:

    LEFTJAB: What are your future plans in boxing?

    DEVON: I plan to continue teaching the sport to the best of my ability. I try to get as much of the technical aspect of boxing across to my boxers in the shortest possible time. Many people can, & should enjoy the sport without feeling that because they didn’t start as a youngster, they should not be reaching for the stars. Heather has accomplished a lot in 3 years. After working with her for 6months she went to her first golden gloves finals & got silver. Within a year she won the Regionals in Lake Placid, & in 11 months the Nationals in Colorado Springs. She won the New York Golden Gloves after 18months. She was 28 years old when she started boxing. I was 40 when I won my first World Title. Don’t give up on your dreams.

    LEFTJAB: What young fighters out of Gleason’s gym should we keep an eye out for?

    DEVON: Paul Anthony. An 18 year old that I have been teaching for 2 years. He won the Golden Gloves this year in 141lbs. novice division. He is a product of the “Give a kid a Dream” (GAKAD) program sponsored by Gleason’s Gym. It is a non-profit organization run solely on donations and volunteers, formulated by Bruce Silverglade, the owner. Inner city kids are recommended to us by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and parole officers in an effort to use the disciplines learned in boxing to keep them off the streets. With continued relentless efforts from Perry D’Alessio we have had great success. The Gleason’s group in Brooklyn is coached by both Heather Hardy & myself, along with the firm guidance of professional boxer & teacher Sonya Lamonakis. Jackie Atkins takes great care of the Gleason’s New Jersey group.

    LEFTJAB: With Canelo vs Mayweather coming up soon, who do you see coming out victorious?

    DEVON: I would give Mayweather the edge, because not only is his record impeccable, the experience factor counts tremendously. If this fight was in another year & a half, with Canelo winning 3 or 4 more high profile fights leading into this, we might be saying it could be a toss up. I think Saul is an extremely talented fighter, & still might eventually be the pound for pound king one day, but at this present time…..”Money” talks.

    Thanks Devon!!!

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Gennady Golovkin defends his WBA Middleweight title on November 2 at Madison Square Garden against Brooklyn’s own Curtis Stevens.Sevens represents a significant danger to Golovkin’s undefeated record with his massive power.Matthew Macklin has power and is a decent name but when he fought Golovkin in his last fight he was coming off  losing two of his last three fights against Sergio Martinez and Felix Sturm.Curtis Stevens is on top of his game and coming off an impressive KO win against Saul Roman.Steven’s confidence is sky high right now.It is the perfect time for him to fight Golovkin!

Nobody will dispute Golovkin’s impressive power and skill.He reminds me a bit of Sergio Martinez in that he can hit with power from every angle including awkward ones.Golovkin’s power is no joke.But neither is Stevens.Stevens power is just as notable as Golovkin.It will be interesting to see who stays standing if one of  these power shots land clean.Hopefully Stevens can bring the title back to Brooklyn!

Presented by K2 Promotions in association with Main Events and Madison Square Garden, tickets for this highly anticipated showdown will go on sale Wednesday, September 4 at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone (866-858-0008) and online at and

Gennady Golovkin

“I am happy to fight in front of the boxing fans in New York City again. Madison Square Garden is a very special place for me. I will put on my best performance and defend my titles once again in this great city.”

Curtis Stevens

“November 2nd is my turn to shine and that night I am going to be GREAT. The WBA belt is coming home to Brooklyn.”

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We are only three weeks away from the biggest fight boxing has seen since Floyd Mayweather met Oscar De La Hoya back in 2007.This will be the biggest threat to Mayweather’s undefeated record since that fight by far.The PPV record set by Mayweather vs De La Hoya will be beaten on September 14 I believe as both fighters have huge fan bases to go along with all the fans that tune in hoping Mayweather will finally lose.One thing that is for certain is alot of people are picking Mayweather to win but hoping Canelo wins.

Even as a fan of Mayweather over the years, I’m sick of him.I enjoy his fights even though they can be boring at times.But that’s not Mayweather’s fault that he is so far ahead of  his opponents that they become non competitive. Mayweather’s arrogance doesn’t equal to the opponents he has fought.Yes he has fought big names since 2006,but not big threats.He fought Oscar De La Hoya,Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto when they were past their prime.Had he fought them two or three years earlier they would have been much more of a threat to Mayweather.Floyd fought Juan Manuel Marquez who was already too small for Mayweather and Mayweather came in over the weight limit,paid the fine and beat Marquez handily.He killed that fight with his arrogance.Victor Ortiz never belonged in the ring with Mayweather after he quit against Marcos Maidana.And Robert Guerrero was picked for Mayweather’s last fight because he beat a bum who tried to copy Mayweather’s  style in Andre Berto.The one fight I give Mayweather  credit for was his win against Ricky Hatton.He beat Hatton impressively by knockout.And while Hatton was near the end,it was the perfect time for the fight to happen after Ricky Hatton had been built up in The United States.So Mayweather’s resume that he’s  trying to build into being the greatest of all time is flawed to begin with.He is still the best fighter right now until he takes a loss but had he fought Cotto,Maidana,Paul Williams in their prime along with somehow getting Pacman in the ring, then we are talking all time great.Mayweather wasted alot of time in his career between 2008-2012 only fighting three times.


The arroganace of Mayweather ,while toned down the last few years  is also played out.Mayweather’s act is old and now we have this idiot Adrien Broner mimicking the whole act like we need to see it all over again.All this is what leads to fans to root for Canelo.Canelo is a kid yet acts like a mature,grown man.He does things the right way.He could easily be out their acting like a fool like Mayweather did and Broner does now.Instead, he acts like a true champion.Canelo is humble and just wins with class.This is the kind of champion that fans like.Mayweather is the favorite in this fight but he won’t be facing a fading star,a headcase or a lightweight.Mayweather might find himself in waters deeper than he has been in since he fought Jose Luis Castillo the first time.The smart money and safe bet is that Mayweather will win a decision based on his experience and speed.Canelo has to be faster than he usually is to catch Mayweather,especially if  Mayweather starts “dancing with the stars” like he did against Guerrero.If Mayweather does beat Canelo and goes on to beat more big names in their prime like Amir Khan,Marcos Maidana and maybe a superfight on a catchweight against Andre Ward then Mayweather is an all time great.But I’m hoping the boxing world gets flipped over on September 14 with a huge Canelo win.Fans and media are tired of Mayweather and Pacquiao.They had their time and it’s time for new stars to take over.


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This Saturday night undefeated WBC Featherweight Champion Abner Mares defends against hard hitting Jhonny Gonzalez.This fight is sure to be a slugfest and a high action fight but I don’t see Mares losing here.Gonzalez is a hard hitter and a veteran who will give Mares a hard time at certain points of the fight.But Mares is on the verge of becoming a major star especially with his great wins recently over Ponce De Leon,Anselmo Moreno and Joseph Agbeko.While the fight will be a war in the early rounds, look for Mares to wear down Gonzalez and get an impressive TKO win in the later rounds.

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Golden Boy & Fox Sports 1 opened up its Monday Night Fights in style in the Mecca of Boxing. Kicking off the nights festivities was 2012 Olympian Terrell Gausha (5-0) who wasted little time in disposing of a game Austin Marcum (5-4) in the second round with an impressive shot to the body.
    The second bout of the evening featured the Bronx’s own Eddie Gomez taking on Philly’s Steve Upsher Chambers. It took Gomez a mere four rounds to get  Referee Steve Smoger to stop the bout in what seemed to be a bit early. Although Chambers was visibly hurt the shots he had taken from Gomez earlier in the fight,  Smoger should have let him go a little longer. None the less Gomez land nearly 3 times of punches than Chambers and the end was envitable. The win improves Gomez to 15-0.

The main event of the evening had Brooklyn’s own Danny Jacobs (26-1 23 KO’s) toughest opponent to date in Giovanni Lorenzo (32-6 24 KO’s). Jacobs showed that he definitely belongs among the top fighters in the division as he totally stole the show by knocking out Giovanni in the 3rd round. Giovanni had never been stopped until Jacobs realizing he suffered a cut under his eye and went toe to toe with Giovanni.Jacobs delivered a left right combo that sent Giovanni crashing to the canvas with no way to recover. Jacobs made a big splash in the biggest market there is for sports, and looks to become a household name for the avid boxing fans. Danny has overcome so much and this win was truly special.
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There has always been talk of a possible  Brooklyn Brawl between two of the bureau’s most accomplished champions in Zab Judah and Paulie Malignaggi.While it never seemed to be close to actually happening,it may now be the best option for each fighter at this time.

With Judah now signed with Golden Boy to co-promote his next few fights,he is sure to get another big fight later this year.Before Danny Garcia signed to face Lucas Matthysse there were rumors of Judah-Garcia 2.With that option off the table,Judah needs a new opponent.At the same time,Malignaggi wanted a rematch with Broner,but it looks like Broner will be facing Marcos Maidana next instead.Both fighters are coming off great performances that resulted in losses but wins in the public’s eye.Judah gave Danny Garcia all he can handle, especially in the later rounds and Malignaggi looked to beat Broner but “lost” a split decision.Each fighter would have liked immediate rematches but with those options off the table for now why not have the fight that fans have debated the last decade.Who would win? Super Judah or The Magic Man?

One thing is for sure.Both fighter’s have heart,speed and amazing pure boxing skill.Judah might have more power but not great power.Malignaggi has taken everyone’s best shot,from Miguel Cotto to Amir Khan.Malignaggi has never been knocked out and he wouldn’t be knocked out by Judah.Malignaggi has a slight speed advantage and better ring generalship at this stage than Judah.What makes this fight an intriguing matchup is that it would be a high-speed chess match in the ring between two of  the smarter fighters in the game.Who uses better angles and who has the more effective jab would be the favorite to win.Judah gets dropped more often than Malignaggi as Malignaggi has only hit the deck twice in his career.Once against Cotto and the other time was against Pablo Cesar Cano.Both times Malignaggi was not hurt and rose immediately.Judah would have to win a decision against Malignaggi which is hard to do if all things are equal which they usually are not lately.I would favor Malignaggi in this fight to win a unanimous decision.It would be a war and of course it would have to be held in The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.Judging from the crowd support both fighters received against Broner and Garcia,the crowd would be going crazy from the ring entrance to the final bell!


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It’s looking more and more like Adrien Broner will not give Paulie Malignaggi a  well deserved rematch from their bout in June.Instead, Broner will likely be facing Marcos Maidana.Maidana definately deserves a title shot as Malignaggi has always stated.Maignaggi tried on numerous occasions before and after he won the WBA title to get a fight with Maidana.But roadblocks were always put up to stop the fight even though fans gave it a thumbs up when it was mentioned.But are we surprised Malignaggi didn’t get the rematch? C’mon Oscar De La hoya of Golden Boy Promotions was tweeting that he wanted Maidana to face Broner next before they even took the ring down at the Barclay’s Center June 23.And I’m sure they have another opponent picked out after Maidana. Much like wrestling,certain boxers seem to have their career layed out for them on paper and unless they get knocked out or lose by a cut or something they will find a way for them to get the win.


If it has to be Maidana vs Broner next and Maidana wins,watch how fast Golden Boy gets Broner a rematch.They couldn’t get Paulie a rematch but guarantee they will go  night and day to get Broner one.Let’s be honest, they didn’t even try to get Malignaggi a rematch.The last thing they want is for an even bigger audience to see Paulie expose Broner even further.When you give Malignaggi a rematch it gets ugly.He wins even easier with adjustments.Just go look at the Diaz 2 fight.Also,when was the last time you saw a fight get a huge leadup that had the boxing world talking,big ratings,a full house and a controversial decision but not get a rematch? You would think they would be pushing the rematch immediately after the fight happened.But this is boxing and it’s more about connections than what’s right for the all the fighter’s and the sport.

Hopefully Maidana knocks Broner out just so we can watch the rats fleeing the sinking hype ship.The fair matchup after that would be Malignaggi getting a shot at Maidana for the WBA title.But the script will be rewritten again to appease the usual crowd.And if Broner doesn’t want a rematch,expect Keith Thurman to be the next fighter to jump over everyone to get a title shot if he wins his next fight.


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If it was up to Devon Alexander every fight would be in St.Louis where he can get more hometown decisions like he did against Andriy Kotelnik in 2010 and Lucas Matthysse in 2011.Now with an IBF title defense looming against Amir Khan the location is the main issue once again.

No matter where this fight lands it will be a tactical,good fight between two of the top welterweights today.Devon Alexander is a bit overrated in my opinion.When he had his biggest step up fight to unify a few titles in the junior welterweight division against Timothy Bradley he quit,saying he could not continue due to an eye injury.He was being badly outboxed by  Bradley towards the stoppage and it looked like Alexander just gave up.In the fight before that he was competitive against Kotelnik but Kotelnik landed alot of hard shots and also outlanded Alexander but since it was in St. Louis the decision went to Alexander.And after the Bradley fight, Alexander was dropped by Matthysse in a fight that most saw as close but a win for Matthysse.Once again Alexander in St. Louis meant a win no matter what for Alexander.Boxing at its best!

Say what you want about Amir Khan but he will go anywhere to get a fight he wants.Khan paid for going into Lamont Peterson’s hometown when he lost their in a very crooked way with Peterson found to be on something and the ref giving Peterson every break…literally.Since coming to the U.S  in 2010 he has only fought back home in the U.K. twice.Once against Paul McClosky that made sense to have it in the U.K anyway because of McCloskey’s fans being from Europe.The other fight was his last fight which was against Julio Diaz which was a keep busy fight with a new trainer.You never hear Khan demanding a fight location.You would think Devon Alexander would have enough pride to say for once he will go into someone else’s backyard and have a big fight.Alexander can erase some of his bad reputation of having gift wins in St.Louis by going to the U.K or Dubai to fight Khan and win.But Alexander won’t do that and don’t get me wrong,being from NY I hope it lands in The Barclays Center in Brooklyn.I just hate seeing guys like Alexander getting their way over and over.

No matter the location,unless we get another ridiculous decision by a judge and the fight is  on the up and up,Khan wins this one.Alexander does not have knockout power and while he has excellent speed,Khan is even faster.Khan will have the reach and power advantage as well.Alexander’s grunt and groin hitting the gloves all night in place of actual body landing shots won’t be enough to stop Khan.I see Khan winning a unanimous decision.


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We are proud to have our first interview with WBO NABO champion and  future World Champion Glen Tapia.He is a great guy and he’s one of us.Enjoy the interview!

Team LeftJab: You looked great in your win over Abraham Han in your last fight.How did you feel you did in the fight?

Glen Tapia: Personally, I really didn’t like the performance that much and felt like I could’ve done a lot better but after watching it a few times, I’m happy it went the way it went because it was a very fun fight to watch. And if the fans enjoyed it that means I did my job.

Team LeftJab: How did it feel winning the WBO NABO belt? Does it drive you even harder to get a world title now?

Glen Tapia: It feels real good because I get to bring this title back to my home town and I became the first person from Passaic to ever do that. It makes the kids from where I’m from believe in themselves a little more and knowing that I’m inspiring them pushes me even more! Besides that, I appreciate it but feel like its only the beginning. I think I’ll be a little bit more satisfied when I get that World Title

Team LeftJab: Who’s next on your radar?

Glen Tapia: Like I said before, I feel like I don’t have the privilege to be calling people out. This was my first 10 rounder so I feel like I’ll be stupid if I start calling people out.

Team LeftJab: How do you think you match up against the likes of the other young guns in the light middleweight division like Willie Nelson and Demetrius Andrade?

Glen Tapia: Im not that much of a trash talker so you’re really not going to get me to talk about these guys (haha) but just know that whoever is in my way I’m going to give them hell. I just don’t want to become a champion, I want to become one of the best! So I’m ready for whatever.

Team LeftJab: Do you see yourself fighting for a world title a year from now?

Glen Tapia: Yes, god willing.

Team LeftJab:  Who do you have winning the Canelo/Mayweather fight?

Glen Tapia: I got Mayweather. Too much experience and too smart. He knows why he took this fight.

Team LeftJab: Any message for your fans?

Glen Tapia: First i want to thank all of you that supported me over the years! I really appreciate it! This is just the beginning and my last fight is just a glimpse of who I am as a fighter. If you know me and have been following my career, you know that I fight for you! My fans! I sacrifice my life into getting ready for every fight and when I’m in that ring, I fight to entertain and win! I’m here to stay.



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