Mikey Garcia will defend his WBO title against Juan Manuel Lopez on June 15 and this will be Lopez’s final big fight on TV for a while.

After losing back to back fights by KO to Orlando Salida Mikey Garcia got his chance to take on Salida and won a technical decision in  taking his WBO title.It wasn’t the type of win Garcia wanted in winning his first title but he won   every round and knocked Salida down in rounds 1,3 and 4.Seeing how easily Garcia handled Salida,I don’t see how Lopez can survive this fight.If Garcia outboxes Lopez in the early rounds and starts putting rounds in his pocket Lopez will get desparate and start to take chances.That’s when Garcia will pick him apart and like Salida did twice,knock him out.Lopez’s only chance is if he hurts Garcia.But we havent seen Garcia hurt yet and he is so fundamentally better than Lopez that this could wind up being an easier fight for Garcia than most believe.The Juan Manuel Lopez ship has sailed and this will get ugly around round 9-10.

Prediction: Garcia by TKO

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This Saturday Josesito Lopez makes his return to the ring against Marcos Maidana in what should be an action packed fight from round one.

This fight won’t feature too much strategy from either side.Both fighters are sluggers and most expect them to go for it from the opening bell.In his last fight Lopez took quite a beating from Canelo Alvarez and it will be interesting to see if he has recovered from that beat down.He had no business moving up two weight classes to fight Canelo and he paid the price.Lopez was knocked down numerous times and took alot of punishment to the body as most Canelo opponents do.On the other hand Maidana has not taken too much punishment in his last few fights.Since his loss to Devon Alexander he has recorded KO wins over Jose Soto Karrass and Angel Martinez.The Karrass fight was a war while it lasted but Maidana comes into this fight in better shape I believe.If Maidana can use his newfound jab like he did in the Karrass fight to set up his power he wins a decision at least.Josesito Lopez is a good fighter with alot of heart but he is extremely overrated.Take away his win technical win over Victor Ortiz and does anyone even want to see him fight again? He already has five losses including three losses to no namers and Jessie Vargas who is also more of a name than anything special.

Prediction: Maidana by late KO

Other Predictions:

Orlando Lara vs Alfredo Angulo: Angulo by late stoppage

Chad Dawson vs Adonis Stevenson: Dawson by UD

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Short and sweet..fans of Paulie Malignaggi like to say they are big supporters from their keyboard on twitter but come fight night only the real fans show up.In 2006 when Malignaggi fought Miguel Cotto in MSG the place was full of Cotto fans and he’s not from NY.No matter how hard he tries to act like this is his adopted hometown..it’s not.In 2010 when Malignaggi faced Amir Khan in The Theatre at MSG there were memeber’s of “Khan’s Army everywhere and they came from the U.K. Yet all these supposed #TK supporters couldn’t find their way to MSG that night.The kicker was last October at the Barclay’s Center which is in Brooklyn when Malignaggi faced Cano.The fact that it was a mixed crowd was a disgrace.Malignaggi fans need to come out June 22 and support one of their own for once.It’s not enough to say your a fan,claim your team malignaggi and then not support when it’s fight night.Devon Alexander fills up his fights with Alexander supports in St.Louis,so does pretty much every fighter in his hometown.New York fans are lazy.They are front runners and unless you guarantee something they hardly show up.Look at every NY team..if they win fans show up,if they lose they disappear.Paulies the WBA champ…he’s winning which means you can show up now!!If you claim to support The Magic Man show up June 22!

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As we await to see who will win the next Mayweather sweepstakes to be his opponent in September,we can only hope we don’t get another opponent like Robert Guerrero.The list can be made of potential opponents for Floyd Mayweather but only a few are realistic.

Heres the list:

Canelo Alvarez: Canelo would draw the most attention to the fight from the opponents side.He is a huge star in Mexico and is gaining steam in the United States and among boxing fans worldwide.He is a monster in the ring with his power and huge shots to the body.His reflexes and defense seem to be improving drastically in each bout also.He is the fighter fans can see actually hurting Mayweather and getting him in trouble.He is a very dangerous foe for Mayweather and if Mayweather takes this fight he has alot of heart and guts.Canelo would outweigh him by 15 plus pounds fight night but would Canelo be too slow and just get picked apart by mayweather’s speed,footwork and counter punching?

Amir Khan: Now theres no doubt that if looking at this from a fair point of view Amir Khan doesn’t deserve this fight.He was knocked out by Danny Garcia and lost(not really) to Lamont Peterson.He was in deep trouble against Soto in his last fight hitting the deck and don’t forget his running away from Maidana the last few rounds in 2010.Khan is the most vulnerable opponent Mayweather can face but also the faster and slickest.What makes this fight possible is Khan has great skills,speed and heart.True he gets hurt alot and has lost but you at least know Khan will get KO’D trying to win at any cost.He won’t just mail in rounds like Guerrero,Mosley and Marquez did.Khan won’t look to just survive.He has wanted this fight for a while and if you get Khan in the right mindset he might put on a performance that gives the fans a competitive, great fight.Plus why should Khan not get a chance when someone who quit in the ring like Victor Ortiz got a chance at Mayweather.Plus Khan brings in the massive fanbase and PPV numbers from the U.K. no one else on this list can.

Manny Pacquiao: Forget this fight.He’s fighting Brandon Rios anyway at the end of the year.If it happens it will be next year or later when both are ready to hang up the gloves .There will always be an excuse from both sides so why even discuss.Plus Pacman has looked bad the last two years.A shell of himself and with that devastating  KO by Marquez he might not survive Rios later in the year anyway if he’s not back completely.

Timothy Bradley: He wanted the Pacquiao fight so bad he signed with Bob Arum.Now he’s exempt from all the great fights that he could have had with Golden Boy.He’s not even on the radar thanks to Bob Arum.

Danny Garcia: Too early for Garcia to fight Mayweather.He likely will be facing Lucas Matthysse anyway in September.Maybe mid 2014 if Garcia keeps winning.

Miguel Cotto: Always an option but we have seen this before.Cotto looked bad against Austin Trout and he’s older now.Don’t see it happening.It wasn’t as close as fans remember the first time anyway.

Devon Alexander: This could very well be the fight Mayweather takes.Alexander is fast,slick and not that powerful.It would be a chess match in the ring but nothing spectacular.A safe fight for Mayweather against a fighter that’s a champion and looked good.

Lucas Matthysse: Maybe if Danny Garcia doesn’t take the fight with Matthysse he could become a factor.I don’t see Mayweather looking at Matthysse as a big enough name in the states though.Not likely.

Paulie Malignaggi: If Malignaggi beats Broner he can definately start calling Mayweather out.The problem is the turnaround time.Broner-Malignaggi happens June 22 so not much of a chance since Mayweather said he will name his next opponent in the next few weeks.






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Fresh off his impressive KO demolition of Lamont Peterson fans and promoters  have started to beat the next world beater drum as being Lucas Matthysse.And while his last few wins have been impressive,if you look more closely you will realize that this runaway train can come to a screeching hault long before it even comes close to the Floyd Mayweather stop.

If you look at Matthysse last 6 wins from Peterson down you can see that while impressive,it’s not as impressive as everyone is making it out to be.His win over Lamont Peterson is a good win but not a great win.Peterson ended with a draw against Victor Ortiz in 2010 and lost to Amir Khan but was given a gift decision in his hometown last year.He also lost a UD to Timothy Bradley.So Matthysse beat Peterson who’s biggest real wins came over Victor Cayo and Kendall Holt.Not exactly world class opponents.Before Peterson,Matthysse beat Mike Dallas Jr who is a good young fighter but not high quality.His four wins before Dallas Jr was Ajose Olusegun,Humbert Soto,Angel Martinez and Sergio Priotti.Olusegun was decent but limited and won’t beat anyone significant.Soto is just an opponent with 8 losses now.Angel Martinez was a young,decent fighter but nothing special and Priotti was a sacrificial lamb with 10 losses handpicked to be Matthysse comeback fight after his loss to Devon Alexander.That leads to his only two losses which were both controversial.His loss to Devon Alexander was a close fight where many had him winning especially since he knocked Alexander down in fourth round.Same thing with the Zab Judah defeat.He  knocked Judah down in round 10 which led most to think that he shouldget  the decision in a close fight.Both fights were close and could have gone either way.Matthysse should have at least won the Judah fight because he was more active and did more damage.The Alexander bout could have gone to Matthysse but Alexander landed more shots and a decision for Alexander wasn’t a robbery at all.

The point is not to say that Matthysse is not a world class fighter that deserves bigger fights.He is and will get them.But everyone is getting too excited already putting him in with Floyd Mayweather and saying he would beat Danny Garcia.While Matthysse is very heavy handed and has a great chin he would have trouble with both Mayweather and Garcia.Mayweather is still alot faster,slicker and a much better counter puncher.He would have to knock Mayweather out but first he would have to catch him.I wouldn’t count on that.Danny Garcia is a smart fighter who would bang when he had to with Matthysse but he would land alot of his own punches.And we know Garcia has power himself .Until I see Garcia in trouble or even in a close fight I make him the favorite here.The point is Lucas Matthysse may look like a monster against subpar to good fighters but Garcia and Mayweather are a step above Matthysse and would likely beat him.

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Rigondeaux will beat Donaire tonight!

BDklwGPCQAAm6eO.jpg large

Tonight we will finally see Nonito Donaire face Guillermo Rigondeaux in what will either be a war or a strategic chess match.Donaire has faced subpar competition recently to the point he has the fight won on the cards by the mid rounds.He hasn’t been tested like he will be tonight against Rigondeaux.If Donaire tries to go toe to toe with Rigondeaux he will hit the canvas.If Donaire plays it safe and just tries to outpoint Rigondeaux every round while using his height and speed he will win 8 rounds to 4.But I think Donaire will want to go to war with him which will give Rigondeaux all the opportunities he will need to give Donaire something he hasn’t tasted in many years..defeat.


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ROUND 1-Brian Vera’s controversial win over Donatas Bondoravas was a horrible ending to a better than expected fight.The ref should have asked a few times if he wanted to stop fighting before calling it off just because he said he can’t see that good.To see him two minutes later walking around with no eye problems at all not only cheated him out of a possible upset win but cheated the fans too.

Round 2-Julio Cesar Chavez is keeping Freddie Roach as his trainer.I don’t see the point in keeping a trainer who bad-mouthed you after your only loss.Even if what Roach was saying was true,that Chavez Jr. didn’t train hard enough or use his gameplan,there surely will be some tention there.Chavez Jr. should get a new trainer.

Round 3-On June 8 Marcos Maidana faces Josesito Lopez.This fight will be a true slugfest.Unfortunately for Lopez,his fifteen minutes of fame ended with the Victor Ortiz bout.He wouldn’t have even won that fight if Ortiz’s jaw wasn’t broken.Canelo destroyed Lopez and I expect Maidana to drop him a few times leading to a TKO.

Round 4-On the undercard of Maidana vs Lopez on June 8 a great undercard fight pitting Alfredo Angulo vs Erislandy Lora has been added.This will be a true test for Angulo.Lora is a tough opponent and this is a pick’em fight.It can go either way.

Round 5-There are rumors that Provodnikov might be in the running for a Timothy Bradley rematch.If Bradley can’t get Pacman or Marquez then Provodnikov should get the fight.Imagine the ratings for this rematch!

Round 6-With Vera winning tonight in controversial fashion against Bondoravas you can definately expect Chavez Jr to jump at the chance to batter him June 22.Hopefully after this fight we get Martinez vs Chavez Jr 2.

Round 7-Reading the back and forth verbal war between Adrien Broner and Brandon Rios is about as useful as all the Pacquiao/Mayweather sparring we wasted our time reading and listening to for years.As long as Bob Arum is involved in any way this fight has zero chance of happening.

Round 8-If Deontay Wilder beats Audley Harrison and I think he will by KO I wouldn’t mind seeing Wilder face David Haye and the winner gets a Klitschko fight.

Round 9-PREDICTION FOR PRESCOTT VS TERENCE CRAWFORD- Crawford will win by decision.Prescott will run out of gas like he always does and while Prescott doesn’t get KO’D he will get outworked and lose a decision.

Round 10-PREDICTION FOR MIKE ALVARADO VS BRANDON RIOS 2-Hopefully this fight lives up to the hype.Most fights that are billed as such aren’t as good as advertised.I see Alvarado playing it safe trying to establish the jab early.Rios will hunt him down and get caught on the way in but eventually Alvarado will be tempted in the same slugfest we saw in the first fight.Rios will win either by KO or TKO.This fight won’t be a bore but it won’t be as good as many expect.Alvarado is a great fighter but this is Rios’ time and a KO win would put him possibly in position for a Pacquiao or Marquez huge fight.

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Round 1- I thought Robert Guerrero was smarter than carrying a firearm to an airport.While it’s obvious that he was trying to do the right thing by telling the checkers he had the gun in a safebox you would still think Guerrero would at least have someone look into the laws so he wouldn’t get in trouble for carrying it.End result…this will not affect Guerrero in  the Mayweather fight in any way.

Round 2-According to reports  Kendall Holt may have took some kind of substance in his fight with Lamont Peterson.I always killed Peterson for taking PED’S before the Khan fight and stealing those belts so to be fair,Holt has to get it now if it’s true.If it’s true he took some substance to cut weight or enhance performance it’s disappointing news but let’s wait till it’s official before we kill Holt.

Round 3-By the time we get to June 22 Paulie Malignaggi might actually have a real home field advantage in Brooklyn.Broner’s arrogance is so annoying that even fans who dislike Paulie want to see him humble Broner.Now let’s see if Malignaggi fans and Broner haters unite in the Barclay’s Center that night.

Round 4-Unless David Haye is fighting a Klitschko does anyone care if he fights some bum in Juky?

Round 5-I actually like that they made David Price vs Tony Thompson rematch for July 6.That was a huge upset and a really bad loss for Price.Kudos to Price for immediately going for redemption against the guy who beat him instead of rebuilding against soft opponents padding his record until he gets a big fight again.This is what Amir Khan should have done after he was KO’D by Prescott a few years ago.

Round 6-If Brandon Rios beats Alvarado again this Saturday night he definately gets a huge fight next.He wants Juan Manuel Marquez after this fight and I think that fight or a fight against Manny Pacquiao would be great.

Round 7-Danny Garcia should beat Zab Judah April 27 which should either lead to Khan vs Garcia or Peterson in the fall.Either fight will be huge.I’d rather see Garcia but the way Peterson looked against Holt I would like to see him against Khan again too.

Round 8-They better put a good undercard on the Mayweather vs Guerrero PPV.

Round 9-If Holt did take something in his fight preparations against Peterson it sure didn’t help.And when you look at Eric Morales getting caught on two different tests in the Garcia fight last October,he still was brutally knocked out.Just goes to show you,just taking a substance does not guarantee you become superman and win.You still have to have better skills and a gameplan.Regardless, if someone takes PED’S, win or lose they are cheaters.

Round 10-Maybe the best thing for boxing was when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.It freed everyone of the endless Mayweather vs Pacman debate and opened up all different fight possibilities to look forward to instead of wasting our time on a fight neither ever had any intention of making.


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