With the news of Robert Guerrero looking to get out of his Golden Boy contract,you wonder what his thinking is.Guerrero has been treated as a top star at Golden Boy.He has consistently been on TV and has been offered fights with big names for years now.The fact that Guerrero was given the Mayweather fight so many boxers crave for last year shows that he was treated as a top guy.Especially since he got it by beating Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto.Not exactly the path to Mayweather you would think.But Guerrero talked his way into that fight and lost convincingly like so many others and theres no shame in that.It’s just strange that he has been inactive and turned down the Keith Thurman fight which would have been a great action fight that really would have tested Thurman and put Guerrero right back in top fight contention if he gave Thurman his first loss.In fact, Richard Schaefer has said he would put Guerrero in the ring with alot of the welterweights in his stable such as Adrien Broner, Paulie Malignaggi and Victor Ortiz as well as junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia.That’s a good list of opponents but what Guerrero might be looking at is what he considers greener pastures on the other side.

Over at Top Rank they have a small circle of  fighters that they are just rotating not only for TV fights but PPV fights.Guerrero likely sees himself  being thrust into that mix as not only a good career move but a way to get more money.He would likely get a Manny Pacquiao fight because everyone is sick of seeing Pacman fight Marquez and Bradley.Even Provodnikov isn’t exciting Pacquiao enough to choose him just yet.Guerrero will never get another Mayweather fight so what’s the next big payday in boxing? Pacquiao of course and he wants it.And he would get it.Guerrero also matchs up better with fighters such as Brandon Rios,Mike Alvarado,Provodnikov and Marquez.He has an excellent chance of outboxing all those fighters and resurrecting his career after losing badly to Mayweather.Golden Boy opponents like Danny Garcia,Malignaggi,Broner and Thurman are all much harder fights for Guerrero.It may public opinion  that Guerrero is being ungrateful to the promotion who made him his biggest payday.But if we are just talking about business Guerrero would make more money and have more winnable fights with Top Rank.That is probably his thinking unless there is alot more to the story that we have yet to hear.

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