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dean burrell
Dean “Bad Newz” Burrell joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss his plans for 2017 and break down some big upcoming fights.Here are all the topics discussed with Burrell…
 1. Next fight info for March 24 at The Paramount on Long Island
2. How the NY insurance increase still affects boxers like Burrell
3. Possibly fighting in the U.K. in 2017

4. Getting on smaller shows in other states

5. GGG vs Danny Jacobs thoughts

6. Canelo vs Julio Cesar Chavez thoughts

7. Adrien Granados vs Adrian Broner thoughts
8. Luis Collazo vs Sammy Vasquez thoughts
9.Miguel Cotto vs James Kirkland thoughts
10.Amir Khan & Kell Brook fight off again
11. Curtis Stevens vs David Lemieux

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Has there ever been a more disrespected man in boxing than Paulie Malignaggi? Despite beating the odds and becoming a two time world champion in two divisions The Magic Man will go down as one of the most underestimated and disrespected boxers to ever step in the ring.Heres why….

1.TOTAL DISREGARD FOR INJURIES- From very early on in his career Malignaggi has had issues with his hands, specifically his right hand.He has broken in it numerous times in the middle of fights and went on to win those fights.When it looked like his career would be a short one in 2004-2005 due to these injuries, he totally revamped his style to win fights by points due to the fact that he has to protect his right hand by limiting it’s use.Yet boxing “experts” and ignorant  fans who don’t do their homework constantly slam Malignaggi for not having power.But ask yourself,what other boxer has been able to accomplish this?

2.VERY LONG ROADS BACK AFTER LOSING TITLE FIGHTS- How many times do we see guys like Andre Berto,Eric Morales and Zab Judah get title fight after title fight after losing title fights.As we speak Zab Judah is being lined up to face Danny Garcia yet again for another title fight.Morales lost to Garcia and was given another title shot.Yet after Malignaggi lost to Amir Khan he had to fight a year and a half against three opponents before having to go to the Ukraine to fight for a world title.Even after losing to Ricky Hatton which was only his second loss, he had to fight a comeback fight then go to Texas to fight Juan Diaz and then a rematch before he was given a shot at Khan.Again, a year and a half wait.Wonder how long it takes for him to get a rematch against Broner in a fight he actually won in most peoples mind.If it was Berto or Judah you know they would be fighting Broner again in the fall.

3.NEVER GETS THE FIGHTS HE DESERVES- Malignaggi was never on the lists to face Mayweather or Pacquiao in the last few years.Yet we have seen guys like Clottey get a shot at Pacman and guys like Ortiz who quit twice in his career get a shot at Mayweather.Malignaggi would have given either fighter big problems but was never given a chance to prove it.Mayweather would rather fight an old Shane Mosley and a limited Robert Guerrero rather someone who might actually have a plan and outbox him.As recent as this year he wanted to defend his WBA belt against Marcos Maidana in what would have been a great fight the fans wanted but was told no by Golden Boy.Even after both fighters agreed.He wants Robert Guerrero and HBO doesn’t like the fight.Then he’s almost forced to fight a washed up Shane Mosley and the writers and fans go berzerk that he’s fighting an old fighter.And let’s not forget he had to campaign to get the Diaz rematch in 09 and was only offered the Hatton rematch after he became champion fours years later.

4.NEVER GETS THE CREDIT HE DESERVES- Malignaggi beats Ndou for the IBF title and Ndou wasn’t good.He beats Juan Diaz and Diaz was only a lightweight.He beats Senchenko and Senchenko was a paper champion.No matter who Malignaggi beats people make excuses for why he won.Had he beat Hatton they would have said Hatton was old.Had he beat Khan then Khan would have  been another U.K. fighter that wasn’t good.Yet Danny Garcia and Lamont Peterson beat Khan and they are stars now.It never ends.

5.NY FANS DON’T SUPPORT- Real Malignaggi fans in NY do show up at Paulie’s fights but the casual ones  usually don’t.When Malignaggi fought Cotto in MSG in 2006 ,MSG was packed with Cotto fans.And no matter how many times Cotto wants you to believe NY is his adopted hometown it’s not.When Malignaggi fought Khan in 2010,Khan fans were everywhere throughout The Theatre at Madison Square Garden,far outnumbering Malignaggi fans.When Malignaggi fought Cano at The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn in October 2012 ,there were a huge number of fans for Cano who booed the split decision win for Malignaggi.When Malignaggi fought Broner June 22 at Barclay’s  there were alot more Malignaggi fans in the building then the other fights but Broner still had a large amount of fans there.While it’s true politics play a big part in the opponent having tickets especially up front,if Malignaggi fans bought the tickets quickly when they were available, all these opponent’s fans would not be there.Next time Devon Alexander fights in ST. Louis or Cotto fights at MSG where he’s not even from try and figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

True boxing fans,whether they are fans of Malignaggi or not understand what Malignaggi has accomplished with serious hand injuries and never being on the side of politics.The fact that he has won 2 world titles in 2 divisions against all odds make him a hall of famer.

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With a controversial split decision loss behind him,Paulie Malignaggi will decide if he is interested in continuing to fight or retire to what looks to be a long,promising career as a boxing commentator.

Who could blame Malignaggi if he decides to hang up the gloves after getting the shaft in losing a split decision to Adrien Broner.He already went through this in 2009 when he won in Texas against Juan Diaz but was given the loss with the deck stacked against him.But give Juan Diaz credit,he gave Malignaggi a rematch four months later.A broner rematch is a possibility but there are a few more fights out there that he might not be able to resist.

ADRIEN BRONER REMATCH-This is the fight Malignaggi wants first.As we have seen in other rematches in his career,when you give Paulie another chance he usually takes all the knowledge from the first fight,adjusts and wins even bigger.He would likely  do even better against Broner a second time.As long as it’s not in Cincinnati.Not that it matters where fights are held when you have NY judges scoring against NY fighters.Might get fairer judging in Cincy but still too risky.It would have to be in neutral grounds.But Broner will probably balk at the idea and either move back down or fight someone else.He knows it was a bad matchup for him.

RICKY HATTON-This is the mega fight Malignaggi wanted long before Broner was even talked about.Senchenko beat Hatton and derailed this fight last November but can Ricky be coaxed into one more fight.It’s always possible.I’m sure Hatton still burns to not be remembered as being on his knees holding his side in pain as his last image in the ring.It might take Malignaggi going to the U.K. but until Malignaggi is officially retired this is always possible if Rickys mind can be changed.There is still big money to be made with this rematch.

MARCOS MAIDANA- This is another fight Malignaggi has wanted for years.A good style for Malignaggi to fight while being in danger the whole time.Maidana has already been linked to Broner for later this year but Broner might avoid it by moving back down.If that’s the case set up Malignaggi vs Maidana for the vacant WBA title and i bet Malignaggi is in.You know Maidana would be.

DEVON ALEXANDER-This fight looked like it would definately happen a year ago.Over the years the two have jabbed each other in the media and it would be a high speed chess match in the ring.Alexander has a world title too so it would be a title fight.If Alexander cannot agree to the Khan fight this is another possibility.

Those are the four fights Malignaggi likely would accept in that order.Anyone else would probably keep Malignaggi on the sidelines and possibly just retire but considering Broner-Malignnagi just did 1.3 million viewers he will get big fight offers for sure.

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This Saturday night Adrien Broner moves up to 147 to challenge Paulie Malignaggi for his WBA title in Brooklyn.All the talk and promotion ends and they  finally settle it in the ring.

The fight can go many ways and while Malignaggi is an 11-1 underdog,that is useless info to any boxing fan who knows boxing.It’s based off perception that Broner is another Mayweather when he hasn’t proven a thing yet and hasn’t beaten anyone world class yet.Malignaggi on the other hand has been in with numerous world champions and is a 2 time,2 divison champion himself.The fight will start off with the usual feeling out period and right away you will see Broner eating Malignaggi’s quick jab.Broner will find out quick that Malignaggi is not going to park himself in front of him so he can tee off  like his other opponents.Broner will try chasing Malignaggi but get caught coming in over and over.Not saying Broner won’t have some good shots but he is overhyped and overrated at this point.Expect to see round after round look pretty much the same with Malignaggi outpointing Broner and Broner getting a good shot in here and there.By the late rounds Broner will have slowed down and stopped chasing Malignaggi instead trying to land a big shot.That won’t work as Malignaggi will avoid them and we will also see that Broner is not anywhere near as powerful as he is hyped to be.No big moments in the fight,just Malignaggi winning most rounds by outlanding Broner specifically  with the jab.The clear winner will be Malignaggi by points and then the usual holding of breathe as we see if the judges are honest or crooked.That will be anyone’s guess like it is in any fight.

Prediction: Malignaggi by UD or SD…. cards will be closer than they should be and highly possible that one judge sees it the total opposite of what happened( that will be the split decision possibility)

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Short and sweet..fans of Paulie Malignaggi like to say they are big supporters from their keyboard on twitter but come fight night only the real fans show up.In 2006 when Malignaggi fought Miguel Cotto in MSG the place was full of Cotto fans and he’s not from NY.No matter how hard he tries to act like this is his adopted hometown..it’s not.In 2010 when Malignaggi faced Amir Khan in The Theatre at MSG there were memeber’s of “Khan’s Army everywhere and they came from the U.K. Yet all these supposed #TK supporters couldn’t find their way to MSG that night.The kicker was last October at the Barclay’s Center which is in Brooklyn when Malignaggi faced Cano.The fact that it was a mixed crowd was a disgrace.Malignaggi fans need to come out June 22 and support one of their own for once.It’s not enough to say your a fan,claim your team malignaggi and then not support when it’s fight night.Devon Alexander fills up his fights with Alexander supports in St.Louis,so does pretty much every fighter in his hometown.New York fans are lazy.They are front runners and unless you guarantee something they hardly show up.Look at every NY team..if they win fans show up,if they lose they disappear.Paulies the WBA champ…he’s winning which means you can show up now!!If you claim to support The Magic Man show up June 22!

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Round 1- I thought Robert Guerrero was smarter than carrying a firearm to an airport.While it’s obvious that he was trying to do the right thing by telling the checkers he had the gun in a safebox you would still think Guerrero would at least have someone look into the laws so he wouldn’t get in trouble for carrying it.End result…this will not affect Guerrero in  the Mayweather fight in any way.

Round 2-According to reports  Kendall Holt may have took some kind of substance in his fight with Lamont Peterson.I always killed Peterson for taking PED’S before the Khan fight and stealing those belts so to be fair,Holt has to get it now if it’s true.If it’s true he took some substance to cut weight or enhance performance it’s disappointing news but let’s wait till it’s official before we kill Holt.

Round 3-By the time we get to June 22 Paulie Malignaggi might actually have a real home field advantage in Brooklyn.Broner’s arrogance is so annoying that even fans who dislike Paulie want to see him humble Broner.Now let’s see if Malignaggi fans and Broner haters unite in the Barclay’s Center that night.

Round 4-Unless David Haye is fighting a Klitschko does anyone care if he fights some bum in Juky?

Round 5-I actually like that they made David Price vs Tony Thompson rematch for July 6.That was a huge upset and a really bad loss for Price.Kudos to Price for immediately going for redemption against the guy who beat him instead of rebuilding against soft opponents padding his record until he gets a big fight again.This is what Amir Khan should have done after he was KO’D by Prescott a few years ago.

Round 6-If Brandon Rios beats Alvarado again this Saturday night he definately gets a huge fight next.He wants Juan Manuel Marquez after this fight and I think that fight or a fight against Manny Pacquiao would be great.

Round 7-Danny Garcia should beat Zab Judah April 27 which should either lead to Khan vs Garcia or Peterson in the fall.Either fight will be huge.I’d rather see Garcia but the way Peterson looked against Holt I would like to see him against Khan again too.

Round 8-They better put a good undercard on the Mayweather vs Guerrero PPV.

Round 9-If Holt did take something in his fight preparations against Peterson it sure didn’t help.And when you look at Eric Morales getting caught on two different tests in the Garcia fight last October,he still was brutally knocked out.Just goes to show you,just taking a substance does not guarantee you become superman and win.You still have to have better skills and a gameplan.Regardless, if someone takes PED’S, win or lose they are cheaters.

Round 10-Maybe the best thing for boxing was when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.It freed everyone of the endless Mayweather vs Pacman debate and opened up all different fight possibilities to look forward to instead of wasting our time on a fight neither ever had any intention of making.


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Round 1- This saturday night Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios engage in world war 2.After their epic first fight I have a feeling this fight might not live up to the hype.Rematches rarely do but hopefully it does.I’m leaning towards Rios by TKO or by points in a less explosive fight than the first one.

Round 2-Adrien Broner is so starstruck with Floyd Mayweather that he isn’t even trying to be original.He flatly copies Mayweather’s past antics like destroying money because he’s rich,getting in fights outside the ring and sounding like Floyd in every interview.This will all backfire if he loses because the fans will throw this all back in his face.If on June 22 Paulie Malignaggi gives Broner a Juan Diaz like boxing lesson his career will be deflated like Amir Khan’s was after losing to Peterson and Garcia.

Round 3-Deontay Wilder is finally facing a decent opponent in Audley Harrison.Harrison has 6 losses but will be a much bigger test than any of Wilder’s other opponents.He should beat Harrison but don’t like that the fight is in the U.K. especially if it turns out to be close.But I expect Wilder to get the KO anyway.

Round 4-Canelo vs Trout is going to be a great fight.It’s either going to be Trout winning round after round and shocking Canelo or Canelo battering Trout the way Cotto was unable to.That’s why this fight is so anticipated.It can go either way.

Round 5-After Arthur Abraham lost to Robert Stieglitz this past weekend adds up to 4 losses in a little over 2 years(Dirrel,Ward and Froch being the other losses), it’s safe to say King Arthur is officially decrowned as a big name in boxing

Round 6-Timothy Bradley better get a big name after his epic war win against a bigger,stronger Provodnikov but don’t expect it.He’s stuck with Top Rank and Bob Arum so its Manny Pacquio,Juan Manuel Marquez or bust.If Pacquiao fights Marquez again later in the year Bradley is screwed.

Round 7-The closer we get to Mayweather vs Guerrero the more I don’t see Guerrero having a chance.Guerrero looked shook in the photo shoot promos.Once their in the ring and Mayweather is tagging him every time he comes in we might see a desperate Guerrero making alot of mistakes which will lead to an easy Mayweather decision.

Round 8-Khan vs Diaz is only a must see fight because Khan is always at risk of a knockout against pretty much anyone.However this is likely to be a Khan whitewash.

Round 9-Nonito Donaire finally faces Guillermo Rigondeaux in about 2 weeks.From the looks of it Donaire has a size advantage and that might be a huge advantage.Donaire needs to be in a competitive fight to get more credit.His last few fights have been boring because he’s so much better than his competition.

Round 10-Hopefully Adrien Broner really is looking past Paulie Malignaggi on June 22 so he can get picked off by Malignaggi.A year from now we might all be looking back at the clown who thought he was Mayweather  and lost badly in Brooklyn to Malignaggi.

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On November 17 in Atlantic City Nj Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell 25-0-1 19KO’s faces his toughest test to date in Johnathon Banks 28-1-1 17KO’s. Unlike Banks who had a very good Amateur career winning three national championships, Mitchell only had 10 fights although he went 9-1 with 9 Knockouts! Mitchell got into boxing late in his life after graduating from Michigan State university where he starred as a middle linebacker. He saw his opponent from Notre Dame Tom Zbikowski make his pro debut at Ny’s famed Madison Square Garden and knew he wanted to give boxing a shot. Only 6 years later at the age of 30 he’s in a big televised fight on HBO. Mitchell has tremendous power and comes at you in the ring, he feels he’s three fights from getting a shot at the title. In a short time he’s accomplished quite a bit and he’s determined. It wouldn’t surprise me if he does indeed get a shot at Wlad in 2013. Will he win? I’m not sure if anyone has a good chance its Mayhem! Follow and support him on twitter @SethMayhem48 thanks for reading!

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