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Michael Woods of NYFIGHTS.COM joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio for the first time to discuss his new website and talk some boxing.Woods,who is well known for his excellent boxing coverage on Ring.com,TheSweetScience.com and ESPN gives us the lowdown of what made him decide to leave ESPN.com and start his own website called NYFIGHTS.COM.Woods talks about what we can expect to see from the site and what he wants to do with it in the future.We also hit all the top stories in boxing and Michael tells us what he’s hearing as far as Canelo’s next opponent and when we can expect to know who it will be. With Deontay Wilder set to face Spilzka at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn on January 16, we not only get Woods thoughts on the fight but what it will take for Wilder to become one of the most popular faces of the heavyweight division and boxing as a whole.We also get Woods thoughts on Garcia facing Guerrero,Mayweather’s retirement,Gennady Golovkin,Bradley vs Pacquiao 3,Terence Crawford and more!

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Everyone thought Peter Quillin’s fight with Gabe Rosado would be the best fight on Saturday night and it sure was.Rosado is a warrior who always comes to fight hard and he had an extra chip on his shoulder for this fight.He was confident he would beat Quillin and he almost did…kinda.The scorecards which are getting to the point of ruining every fight now reared it’s ugly head again.This time the judges had Rosado way behind on pretty much all three cards when everyone watching had it even or a round either way.Kid Chocolate was in no way  not in this fight but it definately was his toughest opponent to date.

We knew Rosado would bang with Kid Chocolate but we didn’t know if he could stay on his feet.Especially after watching him get knocked down a few times against GGG.It seemed like Quillin would eventually overwhelm him and get a TKO or wide decision win.But Rosado’s chin held up all night with the exception of  a quick knockdown in round two.Rosado surprised everyone by being the hunter and stalking Quillin all night.While Quillin   landed alot of shots as Rosado came in,he looked uneasy and wary of Rosado’s power.If anything we saw that Quillin is not as invincible as he has looked in his last few fights.Kid Chocolate can be hit but he has a good chin and he won’t go down easy.Even though Quillin was not as impressive as he has been in previous fights,he did what he had to do to get the win.He still gets credit for punishing Rosado’s face enough to open the cut in the first place.Had they let Rosado keep fighting the cut would have gotten even worse and either way the fight was going to be stopped.Maybe Kid Chocolate was a little lucky last night but he has the win he needed to get him to an even bigger fight.Last night’s performance probably opened up the possibility of a Sergio Martinez vs Kid Chocolate fight more than ever for next year,although Martinez will probably need a tune-up fight first.At this point, Quillin is the favorite in this against Martinez.Martinez has taken alot of punishment in his last few fights even though they were wins.He is getting old now and can be hit alot more easily than he used to.With Kid Chocolate’s power, this could be the fight that Martinez gets a loss.That would be an impressive win for Quillin considering Martinez really hasn’t lost since 2000 if you take the crazy decision loss he had to Paul Williams and the draw with Kermit Cintron out of the equation.Look for this fight to happen next spring maybe on the Mayweather undercard to set up a possible Martinez vs Mayweather  fight in September if Martinez wins.


 peter quillin

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