Joe Smith Jr and trainer Jerry Capobianco join Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to talk about the biggest fight of Joe’s career coming up when he faces Bernard Hopkins December 17 at The Forum in Inglewood,California.Here are the topics discussed with Smith &¬†Capobianco….

1. Thoughts on the press conferance

2. Reaction to being chosen as Hopkins’ last opponent

3. The mentality going into this fight and preparing to face Hopkins

4. The possible pre fight mind games of Bernard Hopkins

5. How will Hopkins 2 year layoff play into the fight

6. Smith’s advantages over Hopkins

7. Comparing this matchup to Kovalev vs Hopkins

8. Hopkins lack of power

9. What does a win over Hopkins do for Smith’s career

10. Was the Kovalev win over Hopkins a blueprint or will Hopkins come into his last fight with a different gameplan

11. Beating Hopkins should get Smith a title fight

12. Boxing in NY and the new nassau Coliseum opening next year

13. Thoughts on the long awaited Seanie Monaghan showdown happening 

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