Something tells me that if the upcoming rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez is close that the judges will lean towards Marquez finally.

As all boxing fans accept the fact that we will never see Mayweather vs Pacquiao, don’t expect the judges to not accept that fact too.We already saw the judges hand Timothy Bradley a win over Pacquiao in a fight most think Pacman won.Boxing is a corrupt sport as we know but it would be justice if the fight is close to see Marquez finally get a decision.I have a feeling the judges will go in with that mindset too.As far as the fight itself goes,don’t expect much.Both fighters are decent but past their prime.We will see the same old Pacman-Marquez exchanges.Maybe a knockdown or two but in the end another close fight.What will keep it close is Marquez has a style that counters Pacquiao’s offense well.Pacman will lunge forward and land alot of shots but Marquez will catch him on the way in alot much like the last fight.In the end another close fight but this time a win for Marquez.

 And just a side note,I think it’s funny that because a title isn’t on the line the WBO  created a “fighter of the decade” belt.That’s crazy as we all know the only fighter of the decade is Floyd Mayweather who went undefeated for the decade.Marquez and Pacquiao have almost 10 losses between them.

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