chris algieri

Chris Algieri joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to discuss his last win over Eric Bone and where he fits in the welterweight division in 2016.Chris¬†has a bachelor’s degree in healthcare science from Stony Brook University¬†and a master’s degree from the New York Institute Of Technology and is one of the best minds when it comes to fitness,conditioning and nutrition.In this interview we get Algieri’s thoughts on the following:

1. The difference between training in colder and warmer climates.

2.Making the decision to live the lifestyle of training and eating right year round.

3.Cutting weight prior to a fight.

4.Facing an opponent that had to cut weight…advantage or not?

5.The importance of hydration during a training camp.

6. What’s more important..hydration or eating right in camp?

7.Recommended supplements

Stay tuned to Team LeftJab Boxing Radio as Chris will be retuning very soon to do an extensive interview on nutrition,conditioning and training!

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