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BURRELL 1Scott “Bang Bang” Burrel joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give us an update on when we will see him in the ring again and go over some big fights coming up.We get Burrel’s thoughts on Amir Khan taking on Canelo Alvarez,Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley as well as Badou Jack facing Chavez Jr..Scott also gives his take on Lomanchenko vs Walters & Floyd Mayweather saying he would only comeback to face Pacquiao again or GGG and more.

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Tommy “The Razor” Rainone joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give his thoughts looking back at his last fight against Ishe Smith and looking ahead at 2016.Tommy talks about his mindset in the ring as he faced Smith and what he feels he needs to do in 2016 to get back to another big fight.The Razor breaks down next weekends heavyweight clash at The Barclays Center between Deontay Wilder and Splitzka and the rest of the division including the newest big name in the mix..Luis Ortiz.Tommy also looks at the welterweight division including Danny Garcia’s next fight against Robert Guerrero and where does Amir Khan go after not getting the Pacquiao fight.Rainone also gives his opinion on Pacquiao vs Bradley 3,Kovalev vs Pascal 2,Terence Crawford,Canelo’s next opponent and Sadam Ali vs Jesse Vargas.

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dean burrell

Dean “BadNewz” Burrell joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to talk about his career thus far and what 2015 holds for his future.We also get Burrell’s thoughts on the issues going on in boxing and if we will ever see Mayweather and Pacquiao in the ring

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scott burrell

Scott Bang Bang Burrell joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to talk about his career thus far and what he has planned for 2015.As part of Team Burrell along with his brother Dean,Scott talks about the advantages having a twin brother going down the same path as him as well.We also get Burrell’s thoughts on the issues boxing has including bad judges/decisions daily and what the answer is.

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tommy rainone

Whether it’s breaking down fights or just giving an uncensored opinion on a particular boxer, Tommy Rainone is one of the smartest men in boxing.Rainone who turned pro in 2006  is a fighter who knows what he’s talking about.The best way to explain this opinion is to just let Tommy’s words prove my point…


“Totally blows my mind that I’m reading some comments saying Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 could have been a draw . Manny clearly and cleanly beat Bradley by as much as 8 rounds to 4 . Bradley started off very good and I had him winning 3 round to 2 after 5 but the cream rose to the top and Pacquiao dominated the second half of the fight . Bradley is a warrior and a very awkward guy to fight but it was clear as day by round eight that he had no chance of winning and was looking for a homer of a shot to bail him out . Bradley will be back and is a hell of a fighter but he is just a level below PAC”


“Funny how everyone has been calling Tim Bradley a beast the last two years but he loses last night and all the sudden he was over rated and never that good, most boxing fans suck . This guy is a four time world champion in two different weight classes. He has a great resume which includes winning his first world title over Junior Witter in his back yard in the U.K , being the first man to beat Lamont Peterson and the first man to beat Carlos Abregu in title defenses before getting up off the canvas twice to beat Kendall Holt in a title unification fight .Next he become the first man to beat Devon Alexander when he unified titles for at 140 again.. are u kidding me ????? But I’ll go on, he then beat former world champion Joel Casamayor before the b.s decision he got over pound for pound Pacquiao only to rebound and beat an absolute beast named Ruslan Provodnikov in the fight of the year and then beat pound for pound top five living legend Juan Manuel Marquez . He went into last nights fight as an undefeated defending world champion and pound for pound top 3 guy in the world and clowns want to diminish this man and his achievements while doing the same to Pacquiao. News flash ….people that have negative things to say about these men are not boxing fans but simple haters who follow and are fans of one or two particular fighters and diminish everyone else in the sport.”


“Mayweather has been taking shots at Pacquiao all week posting pictures poking fun at the man he has avoided for 5 years now.More signs of insecurity or is he starting the hype machine early for the fight to finally happen in 2014 ? Pacquiao cleaned out the welterweight division from 2008 to 2012 before running into that Marquez counter punch.He looked real good in his come back fight vs Rios and will be back in the ring April 12th before Floyd fights again. Should he put on another dominating performance the demand will be as strong as ever again with Floyd fighting a month later. They should both win and the table will be set for a September fight if Floyd finally puts his money were his mouth is.I have been over this fight happening since 2010 when Pac was on top of the world and most had him ahead of Mayweather on the p4p list and Pac eventually fell off  bygetting robbed with the Bradley fight and nearly killed by the Marquez punch.But if any man can rise from the ashes and put himself back at the very top its Pacquiao and no ped’s, retirement, money, vacation, avenging a loss or Bob Arum promoted fighter excuse will be acceptable this time around . 7 out of 10 people now feel Floyd ducked Pac, that is the majority opinion of over all fans. Floyd thought Pac was finished after Marquez and he was off the hook but if Pac handles business again in April and Floyd again comes up with excuses not to fight the man then we know what’s going on.”


“I read some of these comments on facebook and it only makes me further realize 2 things, most people dont know shit about boxing and half those people that don’t know shit are totally bias.Paulie beat a shot Zab? Funny Zab didnt look so shot giving a p4p top 10 in the world, Danny Garcia, all he could handle and more in his previous fight. Styles makes fights and speed kills.Paulie is just a brilliant fighter with a boxing IQ right there with the Mayweathers and Hopkins of the world.How many times must the under dog come out on top until people realize to never sleep on the guy? Let the hating continue…it seems to motivate the guy”


Tommy Rainone is usually right on the money.Not saying you can’t disagree with his opinion but his boxing I.Q. is top notch.With the influx of boxers heading into the Commentator box and the increasing amount of boxing being shown on numerous sports stations,one of the networks would be wise to get Rainone in the booth.His knowledge and honesty would be as refreshing as Paulie Malignaggi’s commentating skills are on Showtime.We need more commentators like Paulie who have actually been in the ring and Rainone would be an excellent choice.In the meantime check out Tommy on his Facebook page and Website.





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Have we ever seen a more overhyped boxing prospect in recent years than Adrien Broner? Probably not.While Broner does have talent,he  is not the future of boxing ,no matter how many times boxing “experts”,ignorant fans and Broner himself tell you he is.It’s fairly easy to break down the creation of Adrien Broner just by looking at the facts.


The comparison between the two is exhausting.Yes Broner acts like Mayweather.Yes Broner tries to emulate Mayweather in the ring but the results are not even close to being the same.Broner lacks the footwork Mayweather has because he fights very flatfooted.Mayweather avoids alot of punishment by being fleet of foot and moving in and out of the danger zone at will.Broner is there to be hit all night and takes alot of clean punches to the face and body that you never see Mayweather take.True he copies Mayweather’s shoulder roll defense but even that doesn’t work as well for him as it does for Mayweather.He does not have the reflexes Mayweather has to frustrate his opponent with the shoulder roll.If anything it seems to open him up to easier body shots.Broner has a quick right hand like Mayweather but so does alot of other boxers.The saddest part of Broners obsession with being Mayweather is his unoriginality.From destroying money to copying Mayweathers weigh-in antics,theres nothing here to see but a bad Floyd imitation.



In Broner’s first World title fight, he defeated Vincente Rodriguez for the vacant WBO featherweight title.Vincente who?Exactly..I never heard of him till that fight either.In Broner’s second World title fight, he defeated Antonio Demarco for the WBC lightweight title.Demarco was handpicked because he was a very weak champion who was best known for quitting on his stool against Edwin Valero.In Broner’s third World title fight he was given a gift split decision win against Paulie Malignaggi  for the WBA title even though Malignaggi outworked him and won the fight at least 7 rounds to 5.Broner moved up two weight classes and immediately was given a world title fight.That tells you all you need to know about what is going on with the politics of boxing and Broner.


Back in 2009 Broner fought Fernando Quintero and was outworked,outjabbed and still won a majority decision in the first of three gift wins where Broner clearly lost.In many peoples eyes Broner lost to Ponce De Leon in 2011 by a good amount of rounds.De Leon controlled the action and was tagging Broner all night but Broner was given the decision.In Broner’s recent fight against Paulie Malignaggi he lost three of the first four rounds by being badly outworked.In the mid rounds Broner landed more but was still not controlling the fight.Malignaggi came on srong in the last three rounds to win the fight on the cards but Broner was given the split decision win.Not a surprise at all as Broner is seen as the golden boy.Marcos Maidana is being talked about as being Broner’s next opponent.Think he has a chance at winning a decision?

FACT#4-FANS WILL EVENTUALLY CATCH ON-Whether it’s his no class acts during the pre-fight promotion or his arrogant Mayweather clone antics,fans will eventually get tired of it.Fans of boxing and most sports are front runners.As soon as Broner is defeated all air will be let out of this balloon.Like Mayweather,fans are tuning in to see Broner lose.Take that away and the curiosity is gone.Look at how fast the fight of the century disappeared from fans minds once Pacquiao was layed out by Marquez.Give Mayweather a loss and will fans pay sixty dollars to see Floyd run around for twelve rounds.No is the answer.And Broner is small time compared to Manny and Floyd.



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As we await to see who will win the next Mayweather sweepstakes to be his opponent in September,we can only hope we don’t get another opponent like Robert Guerrero.The list can be made of potential opponents for Floyd Mayweather but only a few are realistic.

Heres the list:

Canelo Alvarez: Canelo would draw the most attention to the fight from the opponents side.He is a huge star in Mexico and is gaining steam in the United States and among boxing fans worldwide.He is a monster in the ring with his power and huge shots to the body.His reflexes and defense seem to be improving drastically in each bout also.He is the fighter fans can see actually hurting Mayweather and getting him in trouble.He is a very dangerous foe for Mayweather and if Mayweather takes this fight he has alot of heart and guts.Canelo would outweigh him by 15 plus pounds fight night but would Canelo be too slow and just get picked apart by mayweather’s speed,footwork and counter punching?

Amir Khan: Now theres no doubt that if looking at this from a fair point of view Amir Khan doesn’t deserve this fight.He was knocked out by Danny Garcia and lost(not really) to Lamont Peterson.He was in deep trouble against Soto in his last fight hitting the deck and don’t forget his running away from Maidana the last few rounds in 2010.Khan is the most vulnerable opponent Mayweather can face but also the faster and slickest.What makes this fight possible is Khan has great skills,speed and heart.True he gets hurt alot and has lost but you at least know Khan will get KO’D trying to win at any cost.He won’t just mail in rounds like Guerrero,Mosley and Marquez did.Khan won’t look to just survive.He has wanted this fight for a while and if you get Khan in the right mindset he might put on a performance that gives the fans a competitive, great fight.Plus why should Khan not get a chance when someone who quit in the ring like Victor Ortiz got a chance at Mayweather.Plus Khan brings in the massive fanbase and PPV numbers from the U.K. no one else on this list can.

Manny Pacquiao: Forget this fight.He’s fighting Brandon Rios anyway at the end of the year.If it happens it will be next year or later when both are ready to hang up the gloves .There will always be an excuse from both sides so why even discuss.Plus Pacman has looked bad the last two years.A shell of himself and with that devastating  KO by Marquez he might not survive Rios later in the year anyway if he’s not back completely.

Timothy Bradley: He wanted the Pacquiao fight so bad he signed with Bob Arum.Now he’s exempt from all the great fights that he could have had with Golden Boy.He’s not even on the radar thanks to Bob Arum.

Danny Garcia: Too early for Garcia to fight Mayweather.He likely will be facing Lucas Matthysse anyway in September.Maybe mid 2014 if Garcia keeps winning.

Miguel Cotto: Always an option but we have seen this before.Cotto looked bad against Austin Trout and he’s older now.Don’t see it happening.It wasn’t as close as fans remember the first time anyway.

Devon Alexander: This could very well be the fight Mayweather takes.Alexander is fast,slick and not that powerful.It would be a chess match in the ring but nothing spectacular.A safe fight for Mayweather against a fighter that’s a champion and looked good.

Lucas Matthysse: Maybe if Danny Garcia doesn’t take the fight with Matthysse he could become a factor.I don’t see Mayweather looking at Matthysse as a big enough name in the states though.Not likely.

Paulie Malignaggi: If Malignaggi beats Broner he can definately start calling Mayweather out.The problem is the turnaround time.Broner-Malignaggi happens June 22 so not much of a chance since Mayweather said he will name his next opponent in the next few weeks.






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Round 1- I thought Robert Guerrero was smarter than carrying a firearm to an airport.While it’s obvious that he was trying to do the right thing by telling the checkers he had the gun in a safebox you would still think Guerrero would at least have someone look into the laws so he wouldn’t get in trouble for carrying it.End result…this will not affect Guerrero in  the Mayweather fight in any way.

Round 2-According to reports  Kendall Holt may have took some kind of substance in his fight with Lamont Peterson.I always killed Peterson for taking PED’S before the Khan fight and stealing those belts so to be fair,Holt has to get it now if it’s true.If it’s true he took some substance to cut weight or enhance performance it’s disappointing news but let’s wait till it’s official before we kill Holt.

Round 3-By the time we get to June 22 Paulie Malignaggi might actually have a real home field advantage in Brooklyn.Broner’s arrogance is so annoying that even fans who dislike Paulie want to see him humble Broner.Now let’s see if Malignaggi fans and Broner haters unite in the Barclay’s Center that night.

Round 4-Unless David Haye is fighting a Klitschko does anyone care if he fights some bum in Juky?

Round 5-I actually like that they made David Price vs Tony Thompson rematch for July 6.That was a huge upset and a really bad loss for Price.Kudos to Price for immediately going for redemption against the guy who beat him instead of rebuilding against soft opponents padding his record until he gets a big fight again.This is what Amir Khan should have done after he was KO’D by Prescott a few years ago.

Round 6-If Brandon Rios beats Alvarado again this Saturday night he definately gets a huge fight next.He wants Juan Manuel Marquez after this fight and I think that fight or a fight against Manny Pacquiao would be great.

Round 7-Danny Garcia should beat Zab Judah April 27 which should either lead to Khan vs Garcia or Peterson in the fall.Either fight will be huge.I’d rather see Garcia but the way Peterson looked against Holt I would like to see him against Khan again too.

Round 8-They better put a good undercard on the Mayweather vs Guerrero PPV.

Round 9-If Holt did take something in his fight preparations against Peterson it sure didn’t help.And when you look at Eric Morales getting caught on two different tests in the Garcia fight last October,he still was brutally knocked out.Just goes to show you,just taking a substance does not guarantee you become superman and win.You still have to have better skills and a gameplan.Regardless, if someone takes PED’S, win or lose they are cheaters.

Round 10-Maybe the best thing for boxing was when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.It freed everyone of the endless Mayweather vs Pacman debate and opened up all different fight possibilities to look forward to instead of wasting our time on a fight neither ever had any intention of making.


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Round 1- Robert Guerrero is a good boxer but he is not exactly making the leadup to this Mayweather fight exciting.He doesn’t ooze confidence and seems like he is just saying what he thinks he should say.The 24/7 version on showtime will be boring I think.

Round 2-The Sergio Martinez-Macklin fight April 27 in Argentina is such a pointless fight nobody is talking about it or looking forward to it.It truly is a keep busy fight but at Martinez age and with his star power he should fight twice a year against the biggest names available.Imagine if he had Golden Boy as his promoter.

Round 3-Gennady Golovkin is not going to destroy Ishida this saturday like many fans think.Ishida has a big height advantage and while Golovkin will definately win the fight it won’t be as easy as everyone thinks.

Round 4-Wilfredo Gomez is in critical condition with a lung infection.Hopefully it gets well soon.

Round 5-Why is it taking so long too announce Broner vs Malignaggi?

Round 6-Breidis Prescott is on the HBO undercard of Rios vs Alvarado 2.He is facing Terrance Crwaford.It’s amazing how long that Amir Khan KO from a few years ago has kept Prescott relevant.As far as a Khan rematch,that will never happen unless Khan loses another 2fights at least.

Round 7-Who will return to form better…Timothy Bradley or Manny Pacquiao? After reading that Bradley is going to a concussion specialist I think theres more to his health after the Provodkin fight than we know.It will be interesting to see how he respinds to getting hit in his next fight.

Round 8-Im looking forward to Lucian Bute vs Jean Pascal.The beating Bute took against Carl Froch might have exposed Bute or it might have just not been his night.A win against Pascal puts Bute back on track.A loss and his career takes a serious hit..again.

Round 9- Once Mayweather beats Guerrero I wonder who’s next as Team Mayweather tip-toe around the Canelo fight.That is if Canelo beats Trout of course.That might be a fight of the year candidate or at least shock of the year if Trout beats Canelo.

Round 10-Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah is right around the corner and as much as I like Judah ,this fight feels like such a mismatch.Judah doesn’t have the speed or power to beat Garcia.This could end as badly as Garcia vs Morales last October did.

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