chris algieri

Chris Algieri joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to give his expertise in Nutrition to answer some of the most debated questions in the field.Some of the subjects discussed in the interview are listed below.

1. How to start eating better and kick bad habits

2. Are diets ever a good idea?

3. Calorie counting..useful or a waste of time?

4. Eating Carbs myths and facts

5. Are detox’s and juice cleanses safe?

6. Eating before and after a hard workout

7. Omega-3 Fatty acids explained

8. The truth about eating fat

9. Are vegan diets the way to go?

10. How safe is meat and what is actually in it

11. What is the best way to get omega 3 fatty acids in your diet?

12. Is the Gluten Free diets a fad or legit?

13. How important is nutrition to aging adults?

14. What types of food or supplements help as u get older?

15. Is diet soda just as harmful as regular soda?

16. Is it better to get vitamins and minerals from food or from supplements?

17. Beyond a daily multivitamin/mineral, are there any additional supplements recommended for healthy adults?

18.  What to eat for eye health

19.. What’s better? Three meals a day or many small ones throughout the day

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