Team LeftJab Hall of Fame Speech

Well, I guess it’s official: I’m all in.

The Team LeftJab Hall of Fame!

Amanda Hickson wanted me to give an acceptance speech, but I highly doubt she listens to Corrigan’s Corner, so I’ll wax poetic here. After all, most of my writing is done to gain the attention of Brock Lesnar’s biggest fan.

Is it silly that I’d share an honor with Al Bernstein and “Sick” Nick Mondo? Of course it is. They’ve never interviewed Aria Blake.

I’ve been writing about professional wrestling for an audience of more than one since my senior year at Temple University, where A&E editor Patricia Madej finally greenlit my pitch of a weekly column on suplexes and chairshots. In the five years since then, I’ve been blessed to have made a bunch of industry contacts, attended many matches and written about a lot of fascinating characters and events in this crazy sport. While writing may seem like a chore for most people, it’s always fun for me. Actually, it’s therapeutic. If I couldn’t profess my lust for The Spoiled Brats, defend Lesnar’s part-time schedule or chronicle my WrestleMania adventures, I’d never get off Twitter.

As Vince Russo can attest, that’s unhealthy.

For the past seven months, The Wrestling Estate has been my outlet for not only expressing opinions but also spotlighting the people, places and things that are underreported or simply ignored by the rest of the wrestling media. While everybody clamors to fire Road Dogg, they’re missing out on the rich history of Bud Carson’s Pro Wrestling World. Instead of bitching about Ronda Rousey taking opportunities, why not help Salina de la Renta fund her knee surgery so she can get back to making her own opportunities? Forget the spoilers and newz, we’re here for the stories, the analysis and the debate.

I’m proud of the work we’ve done, and downright giddy over the work to come.

Our roster has grown from a five-man squad to nearly a dirty dozen, each member bringing a new perspective to our journalism. David Gibb is the best wrestling writer in the world, simultaneously inspiring you to type while reminding you you’ll never match his prose. Despite Jack Goodwillie’s age, he possesses enough old-school knowledge to pick Hiro Matsuda out of a line up. Anthony Mahalis calls it like he sees it, taking initiative and making shit happen. Calvin Gibbon was last seen on the back of a milk carton.

Our newest class of members – Chad Gelfand, Adam Yuro, Devonte Grant and Steven Jackson – has all hit the ground running, making The Wrestling Estate an exciting place to be. Who knows who else will join in the weeks and months to come? There is always room on our bandwagon.

Of course, we’ll never forget the folks who have been with us from the beginning, industry players who believed in us and gave us a chance. Conrad Thompson, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Tremont, Court Bauer, Bill Apter, Colin West, Jim Molineaux, just some of the names who value our work, our dedication to accuracy, our passion for showcasing wrestling in the best light possible.

And then there’s Sam Namo of Team LeftJab Boxing Radio. I’ve had a few people ask to work with us, and while they surely had the best of intentions, they couldn’t match the professionalism, commitment and creativity of Sam. He is a huge part of our growth, always promoting our work and giving us a platform to build our audience. He’s willing to experiment and unafraid of controversy. He’s our ideal partner and I appreciate everything over the past half a year, with high hopes for the next decade and beyond.

So what if he doesn’t look as good as Alicia Atout? Nobody’s perfect.

Regardless of whether it’s gushing praise or emails urging me to kill myself, I write for a reaction. Thanks to everyone who has ever clicked on one of our links, read our stories, retweeted or liked or commented. As mental illness and depression become more part of the daily dialogue, it’s important for people to create avenues of escape, whether it’s music, literature, comedy or @TheMarkGolden’s tweets.

Pro wrestling is mine, and I’m glad to share it with you.

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