Unfortunately for Victor Ortiz, the surgery on his broken jaw has not healed correctly which led to him getting a second surgery to realign it again.

 It sounds like we won’t see Ortiz in a ring again until maybe next summer if not later depending on how his jaw heals after the second surgery.Ortiz is still young so it’s not the timetable that has to make you wonder if his career is in question.The question is will Ortiz ever be the same after this setback.Let’s face it,Ortiz has a very fragile personality.Whether it’s the time he quit vs Marcos Maidana or the headbutt that led to his meltdown against Floyd Mayweather,something strange always happens in recent Ortiz bouts.Maybe it’s just bad luck but aside from the Berto fight which he won last year,Ortiz has not had many good moments.We can only imagine what crazy spectacle would have happened if he fought Canelo in September as he was supposed to before he broke his jaw.

 We won’t know any answers until next year.And we won’t really know how Ortiz is in the ring until he takes some big shots on that chin.Will he be able to handle them or will he panic and go into meltdown mode.I like Ortiz and will be rooting for him but the odds are against him here in my opinion.

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