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As   Floyd Mayweather gets ready for Canelo in September and Manny Pacquiao prepares to face Brandon Rios in November, the boxing world has forgotten about a superfight between the two.What was more of a popularity contest than a dream fight,fans and “expert” writers drooled over this match up for much of the last 5 years.The resumes never quite matched up and the pros and cons of the fight all leaned towards a Mayweather win.But everyone wanted to see it regardless based on Pacquiao’s stretch of wins by KO’S that has come to a stop over the last year and a half.


From the beginning the matchup was a bad one for Pacquiao.His wreckless hit and run, jump in and out style would have been picked apart by Mayweather all night.Mayweather would have countered Pacquiao so badly that the fight likely would have ended in a KO of Pacquiao.The intriguing part of the matchup for Pacman supporters was how many punches Pacquiao throws and lands in his fights.The idea of Pacman barraging Mayweather every round with big shots is what drove the curiosity for this fight up.But as we saw recently when Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero,who also has a reputation for outlanding his opponents by a large margin, Mayweather is the master of defusing offenses.Mayweather would have frustrated Manny.He would have countered him and Floyd would have been the one landing big shots all night..not Pacquiao.It would not have been the dream fight everyone thought it would be.Most likely it would have been a mirror image of when Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton.Exciting for a few rounds until Mayweather timed Pacquiao,then the mismatch would begin.Mayweather would have won by Knock out or at the very least unanimous decision.


The other part of this superfight that never made sense was the resumes of each fighter.Pacquiao had two losses in his early career to no namers and another loss to Erik Morales.Add to that the draw and perceived losses to Juan Manuel Marquez.All that while Floyd faced better opposition and was perfect.True Pacquiao fought and beat big names like De La Hoya,Mosley,Hatton and Cotto.But only after Mayweather beat them more convincingly when they were a year or two younger and more on their game.Mayweather beat Juan Manuel Marquez easily in 2009 while Pacquiao has had trouble with Marquez in every fight with him possibly losing as many as 4 of their fights included the disputed early ones.

If the fight was to happen next year it would be even more of a mismatch than it would have been had it happened in 09-12 when it was a hot topic.As Mayweather seems to be staying at the highest level at his age,Pacquiao doesn’t have the power he had a few years back Pacman’s overall skills have depleted enough where every fight now is competitive.Gone are the days of Pacquiao laying out Hatton and beating up Mosley,Cotto and Margarito.And the days of calling this a superfight are also gone.Lucky for Pacquiao it never happened!



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