50 Cent can not win a war with Mayweather


 The heated words between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent continued on twitter with 50 saying he cant hang with Floyd anymore because he is running from Pacquiao.Mayweather shot back saying 50 was just there as a boxing groupie to hold his belts.

 I hate to break it to fans of 50 Cent but if they think his promotional group will ever amount to anything they are mistaken.He knows nothing about promoting boxing.Just because he hung around Mayweather a few years doesn’t mean he knows boxing.He’s just a fan with money enough to lure a few mid level boxers to his group.And guys like Andre Dirrell and Billy Dib signed on thinking Mayweather would be involved.I bet they are pissed he’s out of the picture.

 Floyd Mayweather is smart for not joining 50 on this venture.Floyd realized that he would not have the power to make fights and organize them that Golden Boy Promotions has.Why leave them to take on all that work when it might not even work out.Does anyone believe we will be seeing SMS Promotions running a big show on HBO anytime soon? I doubt it and I think SMS will fade away just like 50 and Floyd’s friendship did


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