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This Saturday night Adonis Stevenson defends his WBC lightweight title against Tavoris Cloud in what many think will be a war between heavy punchers with high KO percentages.Stevenson comes off his unbelievable first round KO of Chad Dawson in June while Cloud is making his way back from being badly outboxed by an ageless Bernard Hopkins.This is a good matchup because both are bangers with decent boxing ability.Stevenson is especially underrated when it comes to boxing ability because most fans just think of his KO’s.He has a good jab and movement and if he uses his jab effectively it could be another long night for Cloud who has struggled in his last two fights against Gabriel Campillo and then even worse against Hopkins.The fighters game plans will dictate how this fight goes especially since both have exceptional KO power.

I see this fight starting out slow with Cloud trying to get Stevenson to brawl on the inside while Stevenson tries to use his jab and stay on the outside discouraging Cloud with faints and movement.Whoever gets the other to commit to their style of fighting will not only win but possibly win by TKO or KO.Look for Cloud to once again look lackluster and confused after the first few rounds while Stevenson lands the jab more often and connects on some big shots.The blueprint layed out by Bernard Hopkins is simple when it comes to beating Cloud.Don’t get in a war with Cloud,just outbox him.Is Stevenson good enough to do that? I think so.Not only will Stevenson outbox Cloud and land the bigger shots,he will also knock Cloud down a  time or two.Cloud’s biggest win is a decision win over an old Glen Johnson in 2010.He has struggled badly in his last two fights and i see the downward trend continuing in this fight.Stevenson’s win over Dawson is the most impressive of both resumes and that means something.While I think Cloud has a very good chin and won’t get knocked out,he win get knocked down a few times and lose this fight.The one thing that can change this is if Stevenson has let his KO of Dawson go to his head and he engages in a war with Cloud.Not that he can’t win a war with Cloud but that will play right into Cloud’s strengths and give him a better chance of hurting Stevenson.Stevenson however will maintain his cool,outbox Cloud and win this one going away on he cards.



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