broner vs maidana
broner vs maidana

Adrien Broner could have been one of boxing’s biggest stars and built a huge fan base by doing things the right way.Instead, he chose to play the villain and be as disrespectful and arrogant as possible to everyone he came across in the ring.There is no doubt that by playing the bad guy he got all the attention he needed to make his fights must see T.V. But when you say your the future of boxing and the next Floyd Mayweather and then you get beat up by a good but not great brawler/boxer don’t expect sympathy from anyone.

We learned a few things last night about Adrien Broner.He is not a  strong welterweight.He can hang with 147  fighters but he will never be the man at that weight.We also learned that Broner can be hurt and hurt bad.How come I’m not seeing anything written about Broner having a glass chin.He was wobbled and knocked down a few times by Maidana when Amir Khan,who is constantly belittled for having a glass chin, never went down on similar,vicious shots to the head from Maidana a few years ago.Say what you want about Khan but he has ten times more heart than Broner.But the thing we really learned about Broner is he can dish it out but can’t take it.If your going to put down every boxer you face ,dance after you knock them down and show them up to no end,you better not run to the locker room after you lose for the first time.We all know he was not hurt to the point he had to get medical attention.He was embarrassed.If Broner continues with this path he is on,he will be a forgotten hype job who had talent but did not use it to his potential.Broner has a lot of issues in the ring.He is flat-footed and can be hit easily.He does not have a good workrate against quality opponents which means he will lose rounds consistently.Now we may have found out he doesn’t take a big shot well.And mentally he was all over the place in this fight.From complaining to the ref constantly to overreacting to a head butt that barely rubbed his chin,he is more like Victor Ortiz than Floyd Mayweather in that regard.Let’s not forget that Broner already was given close decisions against Ponce De Leon and Paulie Malignaggi.Both those fights can be argued easily that he lost.But he was given the victories.So we may be looking at a fighter who in reality should be 25-3 and very good but not great.If Broner and Maidana meet again I think the result will be the same if not worse for Broner.His best bet is to move down in weight and build his confidence back up by beating smaller,lower level fighters again.Because so far at 147 he has not been much of “a problem” .


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