Chris Algieri answered all questions when he defeated “The Siberian Rocky” Ruslan Provodnikov to claim the WBO Light Welterweight Title.Algieri showed that not only is he what he says he is, which is a Master Boxer, but alongside that he has the heart of a champion.While most boxing “experts” thought Provodnikov would steamroll Algieri, those with even a hint of boxing knowledge who actually studied who Provodnikov beat and has been beaten by knew that Algieri had the two things that give Ruslan trouble…movement and boxing ability.It was fair to think Algieri was an underdog due to him being a young,unproven fighter entering the bout.But what was overblown was the idea that just because Provodnikov almost beat Timothy Bradley(who unwisely fought Provodnikov at his own game) and beat an overrated Mike Alvarado that he will now beat down everyone in his path.Provodnikov is a beast with alot of power but he is a beatable beast.Anyone like Algieri and before him Mauricio Herrera and Timothy Bradley who has good to great boxing ability will frustrate Provodnikov and outbox him if they can also move around the ring well.

Algieri showed the kind of heart against Provodnikov that make you an instant star.To get knocked down twice and get your eye busted up all in the first round and still adjust without panicking to start winning rounds against a bruiser like Provodnikov was amazing.It was very much like when Paulie Malignaggi faced Miguel Cotto and was knocked down and cut in round one but went on to fight effectively till the end against a very prime Cotto.After that fight Malignaggi was on the map and now so is Algieri.By the eighth round Algieri was boxing with one eye completely closed but still landing sharp jabs and right hands.The mental toughness Algieri showed no doubt earned him a world title but also  alot of new fans and huge fights to come.Already there is talk about matching Algieri against Manny Pacquiao,who desperately needs new opponents.If Algieri wants that fight..why not take it.Again he will have nothing to lose and everything to gain.And he will make a ton of money besides.If not, he has a alot of options at 140-147.The sky is the limit for Algieri.


The one disappointing thing about Provodinkov was his lack of sportsmanship after the fight.He complained about losing a decision in a fight he was clearly outboxed in to the point of  landing over 80 punches less than Algieri.Just because Provodnikov landed 2 or 3 good shots a round that must be powerful cause he’s “The Siberian Rocky” does not cancel out the fact that Algieri was outlanding him every round.Provodnikov showed mental weakness by saying he rather just fight boxers who will stand in front of him and brawl and complaining about Algieri running.Not so confident in his ability I’d say.So we probably have seen the last of Provodnikov against a pure boxer.The boxing world should stop calling him “Rocky” cause Balboa never made excuses after a loss.Algieri is the real Rocky.

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