The Alphabet Title Organizations strike again by Hector Franco


The Alphabet Title Organizations strike again


Once again in the sport of boxing the sanctioning bodies that govern over the boxing landscape have brought on some new developments in the sport. The IBF recently stripped newly crowned heavyweight champion Tyson Fury of his title. The IBF in this regard may have acted hastily and far too quickly as Fury just won the title. The belt was taken away over a mandatory for the title. Klitschko had been the IBF champion for years and wanted a rematch with Fury making this move by the IBF even more perplexing. It was disrespectful to Fury and Klitschko. Couldn’t the IBF allow their former reigning champion a rematch rather than give in to a mandatory? It didn’t make much sense. Regardless of this development it is Tyson Fury who is the undisputed heavyweight champion regardless of the titles. The contenders to his throne are plentiful now and should give fans many intriguing match ups in the future.

In other sanctioning body news this week we found out that the WBC has helped forego a deal with K2 and Golden Boy promotions prompting a negotiation between the two parties after the two face off in two bout in the first half of 2016. Now there is no guarantee that Canelo Alvarez could just change his mind and drop the title after he faces an opponent in May of this year. On the positive the fact that K2 and Golden Boy are communicating with each other to make the bout take place is a good sign. This left many with more questions than answers.

Now that Floyd Mayweather has retired he has left open his dates in May and September. Alvarez is the ideal fighter to take over these dates, however does this mean that at 25 years old, Alvarez will fight just twice a year? In this era this is the norm, but having such a young fighter just perform twice a year seems like a wasted opportunity to expand his fan base. It is also unknown where Canelo will go for an opponent in his next bout and at what weight it will take place. Canelo may be doing himself a disservice by continuing to fight at 155 as his body will keep growing and filling out. He may find himself in a position where he fights at 155 again and has trouble with his opponent leading him to lose his momentum going into a bout with Golovkin. It would be to Canelo’s benefit to fight at 160 not only for the sake of saving himself from being weight drained, but to acclimate himself better if he chooses to face off with Golovkin.

The truth of the matter is that the sanctioning bodies do at times make outrageous decisions, but they do matter. The organizations you could argue have less blood on their hands than the networks and promoters when it comes to stopping fights that the fans wanted to see. For a fighter like Canelo the organizations don’t matter as he can still go out and sell out an arena in Texas or Mexico against almost any opponent. For most fighters the belts give them opportunities to be featured on television and have higher purses for fights. With Alvarez it will be up to him to make the WBC title he currently holds at middleweight matter in terms of legacy. What Canelo chooses to do with this title will show if he is a fighter about money or legacy.


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