By Magic Mike

October 13th fight between BAM BAM and Mile High lived up to all expectations. If the fight would not have been short changed and stopped early by the Ref maybe just maybe we would have had the Gatti vs Ward comparison everyone has been talking about, cause it sure as HELL! Looked like it until the stop. Now we have Pro Rios fans saying the stoppage was a good stop and we have Pro Alvarado Fans saying that the stop was (WTF!) Uncalled for stoppage.Yes, Mile Migh got his A$$ ROCKED in the 7th rd but, he was not holding on to the ropes and yes, he looked dazed but not dazed for days and trapped in the ropes and stubbling to the canvas as the Super Champ Martinez did when he got (ROCKED-POPPED!) by Chavez Jr in that illusive 12th rd to remember battle that was not STOPPED! Now when Martinez was knocked by Chavez he was dazed out of his mind also he was camped out in the ropes before stubbling and ended up knocked down to the ground and there was no Stoppage.  All of this is my opinion and how I feel the fight could have gone on and should have gone on even though Rios hurt Mike but, if It would have played out and the fight went on Mike would he have gained his Composure and Fought like the Champ that he is.

This is what Mile High had to say after the fight “He shook me up a little bit but, I though that the fight was stopped a little too early I could have gone on, and I would have got my head back into it, I was surprised about the stoppage. It was only a couple of shots” Even Rios acknowledged that the fight was stopped early. Now after hearing that maybe he could have been rallied back but, now it’s done and in the books. Mile High is a Warrior and a Future Contender and I tip my hat off to the Kid, No I tip my hat off to both of these future Big Money named fighters. These guys fought like ROCKY and If I ever find one of these guys in a “PUB” I’m for sure buying a couple of drinks “LIMITING” of course if they are in Training“. Now before I start off about Rios let me just say to you Alvarado you fought Valiantly Saturday night “NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME” people will try to avoid you Brother, Now let Magic Mike do some talking about this Bad A$$ kid from Lubbock, Texas fighting out of Oxnard Cali. Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios. He showed me up I knew the kid had some good-great skills but, he came in showing he is” Prime Time Big Time Baby”. So, after this personal advertisement  of strength skills and perseverance Rios is Most Def at 140 and he is not going back down Baby Boom!  with all the strenght he showed us and that chin of steel “Take note Amir Khan” he can handle even a move up to 147 but, slow the gas a little bit and lets have Rios conquer the 140 first but, DAMN! did he show skills so, who is next in line? for this Power Puncher who is it going to be, is the winner of the Marquez vs Pacman fight?, and if Marquez finally gets a win off of Pacman like he did before but, they gave it to Pacman. Will the future hall of fame fighter Marquez fight  Rios or will he retire and if Marquez does retire glory to him it was a great ride. So, lets go to Pacman if he wins the fight what is PacMan gonna do? is he finally gonna fight Mayweather or will he leave Top Rank or will he go on retire to Politics? So, after talking with my boy CEO of Tru Boxing Headz Inc., were discussing over the phone who should be in line next for Rios he is saying that Danny Swift should be next which would be a good fight. I think it’s too early and I dont think that they will give him this fight this soon and also, due to promotional issues but, yes that would be the fight that we want and the fans would LOVE to see. Zab Judah is a waist of time for him that leaves Lamont Petterson which I see as a good fight and knowing both styles of each of theses fighters I can see Rios taking this fight and walking away with that belt no, should I say run away with Pettersons belt #Bang #Bang I mean #BAM #BAM LOL!! Well I had $$$$ on Mile High and I wish the Ref would have let it play out a little longer. So not only am I out money but I lost a vase cause after the stop Magic Mike kicked the dog and threw a vase, but that’s how I am.

So all in all what a HELL of a fight from hese two guys! #BOOM Well alright my BOXHEAD FREAKS that is it and don’t forget my boy #TK Malignaggi is vs Mexico’s Cano next week in BK as he defends his WBA WelterWeight Title. Shoutout to my Brothers at @1FutureLegend you gotta check out that gear if your a TRU BOXHEAD!!! Later done and out ur boy @dmagicmike88


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