It’s looking more and more like Adrien Broner will not give Paulie Malignaggi a  well deserved rematch from their bout in June.Instead, Broner will likely be facing Marcos Maidana.Maidana definately deserves a title shot as Malignaggi has always stated.Maignaggi tried on numerous occasions before and after he won the WBA title to get a fight with Maidana.But roadblocks were always put up to stop the fight even though fans gave it a thumbs up when it was mentioned.But are we surprised Malignaggi didn’t get the rematch? C’mon Oscar De La hoya of Golden Boy Promotions was tweeting that he wanted Maidana to face Broner next before they even took the ring down at the Barclay’s Center June 23.And I’m sure they have another opponent picked out after Maidana. Much like wrestling,certain boxers seem to have their career layed out for them on paper and unless they get knocked out or lose by a cut or something they will find a way for them to get the win.


If it has to be Maidana vs Broner next and Maidana wins,watch how fast Golden Boy gets Broner a rematch.They couldn’t get Paulie a rematch but guarantee they will go  night and day to get Broner one.Let’s be honest, they didn’t even try to get Malignaggi a rematch.The last thing they want is for an even bigger audience to see Paulie expose Broner even further.When you give Malignaggi a rematch it gets ugly.He wins even easier with adjustments.Just go look at the Diaz 2 fight.Also,when was the last time you saw a fight get a huge leadup that had the boxing world talking,big ratings,a full house and a controversial decision but not get a rematch? You would think they would be pushing the rematch immediately after the fight happened.But this is boxing and it’s more about connections than what’s right for the all the fighter’s and the sport.

Hopefully Maidana knocks Broner out just so we can watch the rats fleeing the sinking hype ship.The fair matchup after that would be Malignaggi getting a shot at Maidana for the WBA title.But the script will be rewritten again to appease the usual crowd.And if Broner doesn’t want a rematch,expect Keith Thurman to be the next fighter to jump over everyone to get a title shot if he wins his next fight.



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