AR: Your last fight at Foxwoods was an incredible performance. You had the crowd buzzing and you rocked Osnel Charles several times with some really clean shots. Did you yourself wonder how he took those clean shots?
BC: Yeah it was a good fight a little test for me cause he had double the fights I had but I was calm and I knew I was hurting him with clean bombing right hands but I’ve seen video of him getting bombed and he took it kinda well and I had in mind not to get frustrated if I’m not hurting him.
AR: As a fighter with 11 wins and 6 of them by KO how frustrating is it to hit someone so many times and have your opponent still be there?
BC: It’s frustrating because a fighter always trying to get the opponent out with a clean shot and some fighters get discouraged and start doubting themselves cause ether think they can’t hurt them, but me I just go for the points and like when the crowd screams after landing a clean shot.
AR: Coming from Portchester, New York, you seem to bring the entire city wherever you fight. What does that do to you in the ring knowing you have such a great following?
BC: Having a big following and having one the biggest supporting crowds on every card I must say motivates me to keep pushing zand fighting hard and knowing win or lose I have people that still have faith in me to do my best.
AR: At what age did you decide you wanted to be a boxer and what lead you to the ring in the 1st place?
BC: I started when I was 19 years old. I never liked boxing or even watched it on TV but I was getting into a lot of trouble in the streets and one day a cop introduce me to a boxing gym and I stuck with it as a hobby to get out of trouble but instead I turned it into a career move.
AR: Tell what normally takes place when you’re in training camp. What is a typical day of training for you? 
BC: Training camp for me is like this: I do 3 workouts a day Monday through Friday. I have my strength and conditioning in the mornings and mid-day I hit the boxing gym for couple of hours and then I do my road work at night.
AR: What other boxers do you follow and why?
BC: I follow all the top fighters in the world because I like to see where they came from and what they had to do to get where they at now. I can pick up a few things from them and one day I can be one of those big fighters, if not even better.
AR: You recently signed with Lou DiBella this year, tell me how did the signing come about?
BC: Well I’m sign with Lou Dibella and I have co-promoters, New Legend boxing. Everything started with me having a big following and I fought on Dibella cards and New Legend’s too and they loved what they saw. I wasn’t a boring fighter, I always come to bring it and that’s what they loved and also they test me to see if I can handle myself with experienced opponents and thus far I have handled myself really well. They came together to promote me both.
AR: How has signing with DiBella Promotions changed your career?
BC: Well I see my career changing a little. I’m seeing myself on big cards and moving up on the bout cards. Almost being the co-main event on most fights I have been a part of so far and I feel like my promoters are going to get me where I need to be.
AR: What does Bryant “Pee Wee” Cruz, do when he’s not in the ring ?
BC: When I’m not in the ring I like to catch up with family and friends just to hang out eat a lot Haahah, just live life.
AR: Finally is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and can you tell them how can they keep up with you and your upcoming fights?
BC: I would like to say thank you guys for all the support and all the prayers and wishes. When I get in the ring you guys keep me motivated to keep moving forward!! Thank you everyone!!
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