Danny Garcia Gets Zab Judah In BK January 19


When Danny Garcia faces Zab Judah in Brooklyn on January 19, we most likely will be watching Judah’s last shot at making a big splash in boxing.Unfortunately Judah will be facing Danny Garcia who is on a serious roll with wins over Eric Morales twice and Amir Khan.Not only is he winning but he is knocking his opponents out and I can’t help but think that’s exactly how this fight will end for Judah.

 This fight was in talks for the opening card for the Barclay’s Center but it never materialized due to the fact that Judah and Golden Boy could not agree on the payout.So Eric Morales was chosen and we all know how that ended.Judah is a decent pick for the second boxing show in Brooklyn because he’s from Brooklyn but that’s as far as it goes.I don’t see Judah handling Garcia at all.Judah is not as fast or slick as he once was and I think Garcia will hunt him down slowly like he did to Morales and Khan.Sooner or later Garcia will connect with the uppercut on him and Judah does go down.This time I doubt he gets up.I can see Garcia getting a KO win after knocking Judah senseless around the 7th or 8th round.Then it’s on to a real challenge for Garcia.

 If Garcia wins this fight by KO again,their will be more of a calling for him to face KO king Lucas Mathysse.We all know Mathysse is undefeated in reality because he beat Alexander but had the decision stolen from him by the judges in St.Louis and he beat Judah but also somehow lost that decision.Garcia vs Mathysse will be a great fight if it happens and it will really show that Danny Garcia has arrived as a huge star if he beats him.

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