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After last night’s impressive wins by Floyd Mayweather and Danny Garcia, the writing is on the wall for these two fighters to meet very soon.Mayweather and Golden Boy put Canelo on Floyd’s  undercard a year ago to get his name out there and let the huge PPV  audience see him in preparation for a future fight.Chances are that is why Lucas Matthysse/Danny Garcia was added to this card.The winner emerges as a likely option to face Mayweather within a year.Since Mayweather won convincingly against Canelo,he will likely either face Garcia or the winner of Devon Alexander vs Amir Khan.

Danny Garcia is a great boxer who is now putting some big names on his resume with his victories over Eric Morales,Zab Judah,Amir Khan and now Lucas Matthysse.He pretty much won every one of those fights convincingly.But even so, is he  the type of fighter that has a chance of beating Mayweather? The answer unfortunately is NO! While Garcia is good defensively and has a calculated,effective offense he has the one problem that most of Mayweather’s opponents have had.He is slow.Simple as that.That’s not a slight on Garcia,it’s just reality.One thing we know is Mayweather eats up opponents who are slower than him.Look at his last opponents.Marquez,Ortiz,Mosley,Cotto and Canelo all had much slower hands and footwork than Mayweather.Robert Guerrero was the fastest opponent Mayweather has faced recently and he had no gameplan,no power and was also much slower.Danny Garcia fits right into this mold.He is a good boxer who does not possess great power but has good power.He has good defense but can be hit.And he is slow compared to Mayweather.Garcia won’t be able to slowly hunt down Mayweather and land a big uppercut on him that knocks him down or even hurts him.If this fight happens it will be a walk in the park similar to Mayweather vs Guerrero.The only type of fighter that can beat Floyd Mayweather is someone just as fast or faster and who is just as intelligent.Whoever beats Mayweather will also have to do it by winning rounds and winning a decision because nobody is knocking Mayweather out with his defense.Let’s face it,Mayweather is great but more than anything he knows who would give him trouble.There’s a reason he never faces slick,smart,fast boxers like Amir Khan,Paulie Malignaggi,Devon Alexander or even Andre Ward if he would move up to 160.


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