Hopefully Kell Brook knocks Devon Alexander out!!


On January 19 Devon Alexander will defend his IBF world title against the U.K’s Kell Brook.Brook who is undefeated and finally gets his chance at a world title,but will the venue have more to do with the outcome than the fight itself?

 Kell Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn has offered Devon Alexander a few offers over 1 million dollars to travel to the U.K. to fight Brook but Alexander is not going for it.Are we even a little surprised there?If it was up to Alexander he would never step foot out of St.Louis.Last month when he came to Brooklyn to fight Randall Bailey he was booed after winning the title due to the fight’s boredom and lack of excitement.Beating an old and much slower fighter like Bailey was not all that impressive in my eyes.All Alexander did was out work him and play it safe all night while Bailey hardly fought back as Alexander landed a few shots and mostly hit gloves all night.Either way Bailey didn’t show up so anything Alexander did would win the fight as long as he didn’t get KO’d.When he fights Kell Brook he is in for a much harder night.Kell Brook is just as fast as Alexander and is skilled.He is undefeated for a reason and while Alexander is by far going to be his best opponent,I think he can beat him.

 Brook might have to knock Alexander out to get the win if it’s in the U.S.We are not sure how Brook will be received as he has not been seen in the U.S. except for an undercard fight in Atlantic City some time ago.Alexander,who has been given a few gift wins in his hometown of St.Louis does not want to travel to the U.K. and get a taste of his own medicine if its a close fight.So most likely the fight will be in the United States,possibly Las Vegas or NY.Wherever the fight is I can see it being sort of like the Timothy Bradley fight where Alexander gets battered around by someone as fast as him and you never know what happens next with Alexander.He might quit again!I will be rooting for Kell Brook no matter where it takes place.


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