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1. What was your reaction to Gennady Golovkin’s dominant win over David Lemieux?
ICE: It was pretty much expected considered GGG’s place in the game right now. For me it was a case of waiting to see how he would handle David’s best punch. Once he handled it you would have to figure he would take over. David is a very good fighter and was a champion for a reason but Gennady is touted as he is for obvious reasons as well.
2. Do you feel the winner of Miguel Cotto vs Canelo will definately face GGG next?
ICE: Honestly, only if the money they want is there. The winner of that fight will have some real negotiating leverage and I am sure they won’t fight GGG unless the terms they want are met. Guys like that don’t just fight guys like GGG unless everything is worked out on the business end to their liking. You don’t fight GGG just because you like to box.
3. Do you feel anyone was to blame for Prichard Colon’s injury against Terrell Williams or do you look at it as an unfortunate part of boxing that sometimes happens?
ICE: To be honest, I was at the show but had to leave early and actually missed the fight. My thing is this, I am very sure no referee or ringside doctor wants to see a tragedy, especially on their watch. They are human, they do the best they can and if something goes wrong they wish just as hard as the rest of us that we could go back in time and make a different call. I know this much: Just like with auto racing, football, MMA and one hundred other activities, things happen.

4.  With Andre Ward looking like he is on the verge of signing a 3 fight deal with HBO with the third fight being against Sergey Kovalev, does this finally put to rest the idea of GGG facing Ward?
ICE: I never really thought that was a feasible fight anyway. I met GGG once and he didn’t strike me as a particularly big middleweight. We live in an era where people automatically assume and call for a champion to move up in weight like it’s  such a simple thing to do. But guys like Marvin Hagler and Marlon Starling have shown that some fighters just have no real reason to move up. They are built for the division they are in and that’s that. It doesn’t seem to me that GGG needs to move up for any reason other than to satisfy critics who doubt him and that’s not always a good enough reason. I would suggest to any fighter on earth, listen to your body. Don’t gain or lose weight just because people who don’t have your best interests at heart say that you need to.
5 .Negotiations broke down between Jesse Vargas and Sadam Ali due to the fact that Vargas did not feel comfortable facing Ali in NY. Do you think that is a valid concern especially when we have seen Paulie lose a very close decision to Broner in Brooklyn and even Cotto lose a wide decision to Trout in MSG in recent years.
ICE: Yeah, and not only that but those two fights were bigger to the average mainstream fan than this one would be at the time it is fought. I’ve never really seen any indication that New York is a place you should avoid because of seriously questionable decisions. I don’t think it has that kind of reputation but I think what it probably is, Jesse’s team probably feels like they are as well known and touted as Sadam is and going to New York to fight him would give the impression that they are the B side of the fight. A lot of it is perception and on that end I think Jesse’s team is looking out for him as they should be.
6.  With Brandon Rios vs Timothy Bradley almost here, do you see Bradley being drawn into another Provodnikov type war or does Bradley box Rios to a decision win?
ICE: I think Tim is professional enough to be smart enough and use the best strategy to win against this particular guy. And if he isn’t, I am very sure Teddy Atlas is.
7. Do you feel Teddy Atlas will be a good fit as trainer for Bradley?
ICE: I think that all depends on Tim. I don’t see Teddy breaking or even bending for any fighter in the past and I am sure he won’t start now. My impression is that it takes a certain mentality to mix with Teddy and his ways and my gut feeling is that Tim is the hard working and disciplined type that Teddy would jive with well. But you never can tell for sure until they try it out for a few weeks and see.
8. Terence Crawford has been so dominant, do you see Dierry Jean giving him any problems?
ICE: Dierry is a very good fighter and can hang with just about anyone out there but at this point in the game I think if Terence is on his game with no mental let downs then he will get the job done. For a guy like Crawford, I am sure his team only worry about overconfidence coming into the mix. If he stays with the mentality that got him there then I don’t see him losing anytime soon.
9. A month from now the fight everyone is waiting for Cotto vs Canelo takes place, what does each fighter have to do to win this fight?
ICE: I’m looking at similar mentalities here. I think both guys need to use the jab overtime while staying off the ropes. Cotto really needs to be physical when he can and try and get Canelo as uncomfortable as he can. If Miguel brings that really strong jab of his and punches right through Canelo’s defense before going hard to the body I think he’ll be in good shape. I would think Canelo needs to use his legs a bit more than usual and fight off of angles and steps to be successful. I think both guys will follow a plan but with all the tension and drama involved I think they will both deviate from time to time and make it a great action fight. At the end of it all, if I could pick out just one intangible, I would say whoever has the better and more active jab on this night will be running things over the 12 round distance.
10. If the winner of Canelo vs Cotto does face GGG next , who would you like to see face Golovkin?
ICE: Either one of those two would pique my interest in a big way, especially after scoring this win that one of them is about to do. I feel that both of them would be and should be underdogs against GGG but they are definitely two guys who have the reputation, the ability and the fan base to make a fight with GGG an “event” more than just a fight. We need more “events” in the boxing game to keep it on the upswing today.

Quote: “
The wait in the dressing room before a professional boxing match -that last hour- could be enough to strip a man who never boxed before of whatever pride, desire and heart he THOUGHT he had”Iceman John Scully, April 2002

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