1. What were your thoughts on Danny Jacobs impressive first round stoppage of Peter Quillin? Would you have let Kid Chocolate continue?

ICE: Obviously it was a very impressive showing from Danny. He showed that killer instinct that people want to see from young fighters today. Boxing is great and using skills is great, of course, but that fight reminded people of what boxing really is. You hit as hard as you can and when the opponent seems to be hurt you try to decapitate him. Both guys made new fans that night, I’m sure. Danny for his performance and Peter for what may have been the classiest post fight interview any of us have ever seen. I know Peter a bit, very good guy and that interview really made me like him even more.

As far as the stoppage goes, I would rarely question the judgement of a professionally trained man who is literally standing three feet away from the impaired boxer at that moment. Given the circumstances, Danny’s obvious high adrenaline spike at that moment and Peter trying to recover from those shots while on somewhat unsteady legs, I’d say that right call was made.

2. Do you a possible Danny Jacobs vs Gennady Golovkin matchup in 2016? Do you like Danny’s chances in that fight if it were to happen?

ICE: For the time being Id rather see GGG and Canelo first, maybe with Danny in the co-feature against Andy Lee or someone like that and let the two winners fight each other. As great as the win on Saturday was it still stands that Danny only got less than three minutes of experience from it. Id like to see him test himself against another very solid guy first at least before he challenges one of the big two.

3. With Tyson Fury dethroning Wladimir Klitschko. do you think it was a bad matchup for Klitschko or do you see age catching up with Wlad?

ICE: I think it was certainly a bad style matchup for him and you’d have to assume that age played at least somewhat of a part as well. The main thing, though, was probably the style. Fury being so tall and with those great feints he was throwing into the mix, his unpredictable style. When he’s on his game he’s going to be a problem for anyone out there because he’s a master at disrupting the timing and rhythm of his opponents.

4. Do you see Klitschko performing better in the rematch or will we see much of the same?

ICE: I think both guys will perform better in the rematch but likely one guy will be less confident than he was and the other will be even more confident than he was. I think if Wlad can’t get Tyson hurt with a big shot and follow up with something substantial then he will get outpointed again. I think to a large degree both guys know that Tyson has his number in many areas.

5. If age is finally catching up with Klitschko, do you feel Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight out there now or do you rate Fury higher than Deontay?

ICE: Based on beating such a seemingly unbeatable guy, I’d have to elevate Tyson to the top spot. Skills and power mean a lot but you have to give ultimate points to the level of opposition a man beats and defeating Wlad is as big as you can get in the world of boxing today. Deontay is comparatively young and probably has some of that outward fire that Wlad may be lacking so that would bring a much different intangible to a fight between Fury and Deontay. Deontay will definitely try to KO Fury and will force him to react a bit quicker and move a bit more. It’s probably a much more interesting matchup based on that aspect of it all.

6. What are your thoughts on Anthony Joshua?

ICE: Honestly? I have only read and heard about him but have yet to see him fight but of course I’m hearing big things about him and people whose opinions I respect certainly seem to believe he is deserving of being right there in the mix with Tyson and Deontay.

7. Who do you have winning next weekend..Dillian Whyte or Anthony Joshua?

ICE: Can’t even call it based on not actually seeing them but the vibe that I get is that Anthony is expected to win it.

8. Do you like Robert Guerrero as Danny Garcia’s next opponent?

ICE: I think it’s a great test for Danny at that weight and one intriguing aspect is that Danny always goes for the knockout and Robert is known to be very durable against a high level of opposition so there is not only the incentive to win for Danny but to be the man to stop this guy where other top guys have failed to do so. It’s definitely a good fight.

9. A lot has been written bout PBC’s first year…good and bad. How would you rate their first year?

ICE: I’ve actually been to four PBC shows so far. One in New York, one in Virginia just outside Washington D.C. and two others, both in Florida, and each one has been a very solid and entertaining show. I like the format and the vibe that you get at each one and I’m sure the fighters do too. One thing I notice is that they don’t baby too many young prospects, they put them in tough on PBC shows. I actually saw a very solid undefeated prospect from Orlando get defeated on the last show I was at and I knew from halfway through the first round that it was going to be a long night for him. That’s a positive thing in the long run for boxing because the cream will always rise to the top but these guys are making it just a bit harder to get there. Whoever comes through a series of PBC shows, you can bet they will have beaten a strong group of opposition along the way.


Quote: “The wait in the dressing room before a professional boxing match -that last hour- could be enough to strip a man who never boxed before of whatever pride, desire and heart he THOUGHT he had” – Iceman John Scully, April 2002

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