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    1.How does it feel after your big win and having the UBF title?

    Heather: Every win feels great, but the winning the title and becoming a part of the UBF family was very special to me. It is great to see them working so hard to promote their female champions as they do with the males. Winning this International Title is a great motivation towards my ultimate goal, becoming a world champion.

    2.What’s next for Team Heat?

    D&H: We are boxing again February 12th at Roseland Ballroom, in what will be the last show held there before they close. It is an honor that Lou chose me as one of the featured bouts of the evening, in a show they are calling “The Last Dance”. Roseland has been an especially sentimental venue for me, as it is where I made my pro debut, had my first KO.

    3.Is there anyone your targeting at this point who you want next?

    Devon: We are not targeting anyone in particular, and except my sister the WBC World Champion Alicia Ashley, who is Heather’s mentor and stable mate, we are prepared to take on anyone our promoter chooses while on the quest for the world title.

    4.You are more impressive with each fight..what would you like to improve to continue your run towards bigger fights?

    Devon: Yes Heather is gaining more and more experience with each fight, and we are improving daily in the gym. There is no “one” particular thing we are trying to improve on, we target “everything”. In order to make Heather a better well rounded fighter she needs to be able to adapt & adjust to all the different styles of boxers she will encounter.

    5.At the end of 2014 what do you hope you will have accomplished?

    Heather: If it was up to me I would be fighting every month, but I have to just keep working hard and see what the promoters have in store for me. I would like to continue moving up the ranks, & rack up enough experience to be ready for anyone, in order to secure a shot at the world title.

    6.Any message for your fans?

    Heather: I just love them! I would like to thank all my fans, my friends and family for their endless support. Having you all in my corner is a great motivator, and you inspire me to work harder and put on the best show that I can every time I step in the ring.


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