1 .For those that haven’t heard of The Asylum Fight League yet,give us a run down of who you guys are.

An amateur fight league created by Fighters, for Fighters. A competitive atmosphere designed to develop individuals that want to enter into the arena of MMA competition. To provide the vehicle for those fighters who want to test their skills against the best regional fighters in their weight class and show the results of all the hours of training, that no one else see’s. We will provide the chance for fighters who want to develop their amateur record with aspirations of going professional. We will attract the leaders in the industry to evaluate talent that may have a chance of going to the next level. But most importantly we will respect and support the struggle that amateur fighters experience in trying to train full time and pursue a dream, while holding down a job, taking care of their families, or going to school. We know that struggle because we’ve been there!!! We’re not just businessmen, we’re ex-fighters, running a business for a new breed of fighters.

2.What are your short term and long term plans for the league.

As a company we are looking to get the Amateur fighters to the next level. There are other Am events but what sets us apart from them we run a Professional event with a Professional look from Music to Lights and venue. We want our fighters to be acclimated to the big show so they are ready to fight their fight not be star shocked from the intensity of being the Super athlete that they are. Asylum will be expanding to other parts of the country this year starting with Maine and Miami then branching to other parts of the country. Our Pro section of the Company will be hosting a Tournament in the Caribbean where we will be offering a $100,000 prize to the winner of the event.

4.What are you weight divisions and do you have champions

We are sactiones by NJSACB rules and regulations, we have champions in each one of the weights allowed by State Reg.

5.What are your goals every time you put on a show?

Our Goals for each show is to provide the best experience for each one of the fighters. From The Weight-ins to the the event . We want each of the fans to feel as if they are in there in a “Cheers” type of atmosphere “Where everyone knows your name” while having the most non-stop action packed night of their lives. Each one of the fans are part of the Asylum Family and thats what we want them to feel each time they attend our event.

6.The Asylum Fight League is an MMA amateur league ,how can fighters who want to try out contact you?

They can fill out an application on our website or email me directly at

7.How many shows a year do you put on?

We have done as many as 18 in a year now that we are the top MMA event in the Tri-state area we do 4 shows one each quarter.

8. When is your next show?

We put in dates to the state and waiting approvals. Possible Feb 2013

9.What are your thoughts on the current state of MMA,UFC,STRIKEFORCE and the major organizations?

MMA is hot and growing , there is plenty of room for Asylum to gain a bigger part of the Market and grow as a company.

10.What message would you like to get out to the fans of The Asylum Fight League and most important
the new ones who are just finding out about you now?

As I said before “I have a dream” I want to grow Asylum to its fullest potential and reward all that have made it such. We are looking to provide a memorable evening for each one of the fans while giving the Fighters the biggest MMA experience of their lives . I don’t like NO. 2 and looking forward to the excitement of growth.

Asylum Fight League
Asylum Fight League


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