Malinaggi vs Judah Prediction
Moving to the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York. This weekend sees a fascinating matchup
taking place between two established former champions from the past when Paulie “The Magic
Man” Malinaggi takes on Zab “Super” Judah for the vacant NABF welterweight title.
This one is interesting for a lot of reasons. To be fair both fighters are probably past their best at this
point in their careers and a big question will be who has the most left? Who’s skills are still sharp
enough to compete at world level? After so many fights and wars over the years who will want it
more and is the maniacal motivation and drive needed to compete at the highest level in this
unforgiving sport still there for both combatants?
This is a tough one to call… Malinaggi at 33 and Judah at 36 certainly have been in some battles
over the course of their careers and both have experienced what it feels like to finally reach the
pinnacle in their sport and profession by becoming world champion.
Coming into the fight both men are coming off reputable losses to elite level opposition with
Malinaggi giving a great account of himself in a close 12 round points defeat to Adrien Broner and
Judah taking a brave points loss to Danny Garcia who since has went on to have that brilliant
victory over Lucas Matthysse. You could say because of this both men will be highly motivated
coming into this one and also the fact both will be looking to take bragging rights too in their native
home city of New York where the fight takes place.
Stylistically speaking, on one hand you have the switch hitting and explosive southpaw in Zab
Judah, a man who has been known to put guys on their backs in the blink of an eye. He’s also not a
half bad boxer but perhaps his biggest flaw in his career thus far has been his ability to finish a fight
out strong in the final rounds with some columnists labelling him as a bit of a front runner. None the
less even at this stage of his career, he is a dangerous man to be taken seriously for sure. A guy who
still has enough hand speed and power to give a lot welterweights out their all the trouble in the
On the other hand you have the stereotypical boxer with fast hands and in and out movement in
Malinaggi, a man who also has a huge heart and and an absolute granite chin. He’s put this on show
many times in his career and for me last time out against Broner he showed that he might still have
enough at 33 years of age to still compete and mix it at a fairly decent level in the sport.
I always think styles make fights. I believe the gameplan will be fairly business as usual for
Malinaggi – try to outbox his opponent and take him into deep waters and take a decision, as lets
face it he’s never been known as a puncher.
I like Zab and have always been a huge fan of him ever since he performed so brilliantly in the first
6 rounds of his fight against Floyd Mayweather back in early 2008. But I just think that Malinaggi’s
style is all wrong for him this time out to be honest. I feel Malinaggi, ever the student of the game
(and analyst now at HBO) will have worked out exactly how he wants to maximize that style
advantage technically over Zab in the recent months and weeks leading up to this fight in his

My prediction – Paulie Malignaggi on points

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