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If it was up to Devon Alexander every fight would be in St.Louis where he can get more hometown decisions like he did against Andriy Kotelnik in 2010 and Lucas Matthysse in 2011.Now with an IBF title defense looming against Amir Khan the location is the main issue once again.

No matter where this fight lands it will be a tactical,good fight between two of the top welterweights today.Devon Alexander is a bit overrated in my opinion.When he had his biggest step up fight to unify a few titles in the junior welterweight division against Timothy Bradley he quit,saying he could not continue due to an eye injury.He was being badly outboxed by  Bradley towards the stoppage and it looked like Alexander just gave up.In the fight before that he was competitive against Kotelnik but Kotelnik landed alot of hard shots and also outlanded Alexander but since it was in St. Louis the decision went to Alexander.And after the Bradley fight, Alexander was dropped by Matthysse in a fight that most saw as close but a win for Matthysse.Once again Alexander in St. Louis meant a win no matter what for Alexander.Boxing at its best!

Say what you want about Amir Khan but he will go anywhere to get a fight he wants.Khan paid for going into Lamont Peterson’s hometown when he lost their in a very crooked way with Peterson found to be on something and the ref giving Peterson every break…literally.Since coming to the U.S  in 2010 he has only fought back home in the U.K. twice.Once against Paul McClosky that made sense to have it in the U.K anyway because of McCloskey’s fans being from Europe.The other fight was his last fight which was against Julio Diaz which was a keep busy fight with a new trainer.You never hear Khan demanding a fight location.You would think Devon Alexander would have enough pride to say for once he will go into someone else’s backyard and have a big fight.Alexander can erase some of his bad reputation of having gift wins in St.Louis by going to the U.K or Dubai to fight Khan and win.But Alexander won’t do that and don’t get me wrong,being from NY I hope it lands in The Barclays Center in Brooklyn.I just hate seeing guys like Alexander getting their way over and over.

No matter the location,unless we get another ridiculous decision by a judge and the fight is  on the up and up,Khan wins this one.Alexander does not have knockout power and while he has excellent speed,Khan is even faster.Khan will have the reach and power advantage as well.Alexander’s grunt and groin hitting the gloves all night in place of actual body landing shots won’t be enough to stop Khan.I see Khan winning a unanimous decision.



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