Peter Quillin fought a great fight against Hassam N’Dam to win his WBO world title but was the fight worthy of a rematch?

 When N’Dam signed on to fight Kid Chocolate there was a clause in the contract for a rematch and it’s being looked at by Golden Boy.But the fight won’t happen immediately so unless N’Dam can get back to his winning ways and stay relevant in the eyes of boxing fans don’t hold your breath on seeing that rematch.As much heart as N’Dam showed he was knocked down 6 times.It was very impressive that he kept getting up and fighting on but truthfully he never had Quillin in any kind of trouble.So is there really a need to see this fight again? Chances are Quillin would beat N’Dam again quite handily.The fight wasn’t close in my eyes so I just don’t see the need for it except that N’Dam has a rematch clause.

 The chances of this fight happening are slim not only because as time goes on the fans that are looking to see the rematch will fade away.N’Dam won’t be on TV most likely and even if he gets a win in his next fight it won’t get much press.Quillin will move onto bigger and better things as he tries to get a big name in the middleweight division now that he’s a champ.Maybe if Sergio Martinez can not get the Mayweather fight he wants and Chavez Jr.wants to wait until next fall for that rematch,Quillin can grab that big fight.There are many interesting options available for Kid Chocolate in his next fight.

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