Round 1- Robert Guerrero is a good boxer but he is not exactly making the leadup to this Mayweather fight exciting.He doesn’t ooze confidence and seems like he is just saying what he thinks he should say.The 24/7 version on showtime will be boring I think.

Round 2-The Sergio Martinez-Macklin fight April 27 in Argentina is such a pointless fight nobody is talking about it or looking forward to it.It truly is a keep busy fight but at Martinez age and with his star power he should fight twice a year against the biggest names available.Imagine if he had Golden Boy as his promoter.

Round 3-Gennady Golovkin is not going to destroy Ishida this saturday like many fans think.Ishida has a big height advantage and while Golovkin will definately win the fight it won’t be as easy as everyone thinks.

Round 4-Wilfredo Gomez is in critical condition with a lung infection.Hopefully it gets well soon.

Round 5-Why is it taking so long too announce Broner vs Malignaggi?

Round 6-Breidis Prescott is on the HBO undercard of Rios vs Alvarado 2.He is facing Terrance Crwaford.It’s amazing how long that Amir Khan KO from a few years ago has kept Prescott relevant.As far as a Khan rematch,that will never happen unless Khan loses another 2fights at least.

Round 7-Who will return to form better…Timothy Bradley or Manny Pacquiao? After reading that Bradley is going to a concussion specialist I think theres more to his health after the Provodkin fight than we know.It will be interesting to see how he respinds to getting hit in his next fight.

Round 8-Im looking forward to Lucian Bute vs Jean Pascal.The beating Bute took against Carl Froch might have exposed Bute or it might have just not been his night.A win against Pascal puts Bute back on track.A loss and his career takes a serious hit..again.

Round 9- Once Mayweather beats Guerrero I wonder who’s next as Team Mayweather tip-toe around the Canelo fight.That is if Canelo beats Trout of course.That might be a fight of the year candidate or at least shock of the year if Trout beats Canelo.

Round 10-Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah is right around the corner and as much as I like Judah ,this fight feels like such a mismatch.Judah doesn’t have the speed or power to beat Garcia.This could end as badly as Garcia vs Morales last October did.


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