Round 1- I thought Robert Guerrero was smarter than carrying a firearm to an airport.While it’s obvious that he was trying to do the right thing by telling the checkers he had the gun in a safebox you would still think Guerrero would at least have someone look into the laws so he wouldn’t get in trouble for carrying it.End result…this will not affect Guerrero in  the Mayweather fight in any way.

Round 2-According to reports  Kendall Holt may have took some kind of substance in his fight with Lamont Peterson.I always killed Peterson for taking PED’S before the Khan fight and stealing those belts so to be fair,Holt has to get it now if it’s true.If it’s true he took some substance to cut weight or enhance performance it’s disappointing news but let’s wait till it’s official before we kill Holt.

Round 3-By the time we get to June 22 Paulie Malignaggi might actually have a real home field advantage in Brooklyn.Broner’s arrogance is so annoying that even fans who dislike Paulie want to see him humble Broner.Now let’s see if Malignaggi fans and Broner haters unite in the Barclay’s Center that night.

Round 4-Unless David Haye is fighting a Klitschko does anyone care if he fights some bum in Juky?

Round 5-I actually like that they made David Price vs Tony Thompson rematch for July 6.That was a huge upset and a really bad loss for Price.Kudos to Price for immediately going for redemption against the guy who beat him instead of rebuilding against soft opponents padding his record until he gets a big fight again.This is what Amir Khan should have done after he was KO’D by Prescott a few years ago.

Round 6-If Brandon Rios beats Alvarado again this Saturday night he definately gets a huge fight next.He wants Juan Manuel Marquez after this fight and I think that fight or a fight against Manny Pacquiao would be great.

Round 7-Danny Garcia should beat Zab Judah April 27 which should either lead to Khan vs Garcia or Peterson in the fall.Either fight will be huge.I’d rather see Garcia but the way Peterson looked against Holt I would like to see him against Khan again too.

Round 8-They better put a good undercard on the Mayweather vs Guerrero PPV.

Round 9-If Holt did take something in his fight preparations against Peterson it sure didn’t help.And when you look at Eric Morales getting caught on two different tests in the Garcia fight last October,he still was brutally knocked out.Just goes to show you,just taking a substance does not guarantee you become superman and win.You still have to have better skills and a gameplan.Regardless, if someone takes PED’S, win or lose they are cheaters.

Round 10-Maybe the best thing for boxing was when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.It freed everyone of the endless Mayweather vs Pacman debate and opened up all different fight possibilities to look forward to instead of wasting our time on a fight neither ever had any intention of making.



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