malignaggi vs porter


As we quickly approach April 19 and the IBF title fight pitting champion Shawn Porter against challenger Paulie Malignaggi, it is baffling to see the amount of people picking Shawn Porter.But then again we see this every time Malignaggi fights.The opponent says  they will walk through Paulie and knock him out and it never happens.For the “boxing experts” who don’t know Malignaggi’s history,he has never been knocked out.He has only been down legitimately twice.Once by Miguel Cotto in 2006 and the other by Pablo Cesar Cano in 2012.Both times Malignaggi got right back up and was not even wobbled.Shawn Porter is a good fighter but he doesn’t have the power of Cotto,Cano or even Amir Khan.Malignaggi ,with his experience and ability to adjust should be the favorite in this fight.

Malignaggi has been in the ring with the likes of Miguel Cotto,Amir Khan,Zab Judah,Adrien Broner and has been looking even sharper and more precise since moving up to welterweight back in 2010.Porter has been in with Julio Diaz and Devon Alexander.Porter actually received a draw against Diaz in their first fight.If you put Malignaggi in the ring with Diaz would he get a draw? Doubtful,most likely we would see a Unanimous decision..easily at that.Porter’s win over Devon Alexander was impressive but what if Alexander was just having an off night?Don’t forget Alexander was a heavy favorite going into that fight.We will see if Porter is the real deal in due time.But right now,if Porter comes into the fight with the same tactics he used against previous opponents, which is rushing in trying to roughhouse Malignaggi,Paulie will be catching him on the way in all night.Porter is  a good fighter but there’s nothing in his arsenal that Malignaggi hasn’t seen or dealt with.Malignaggi is the favorite in this fight.

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