As much as most fans of Paulie Malignaggi were looking forward to seeing him fight Ricky Hatton in a rematch of their 2008 encounter,a fight against Shane Mosley is not as bad as some fans and media might think.

 Any fight Malignaggi is linked to seems to get criticized no matter who the opponent is.If he fights someone older then is he looking for an easy fight.If he fights someone younger he is cherry picking an easy fight.Paulie can’t win sometimes.Look at his last few fights.When he fought Senchenko he was fighting a paper champion.Then that paper champion went out and KO’d Ricky Hatton which stopped a Malignaggi-Hatton rematch from happening.But wait,if Hatton would have won then i bet the media would have said Malignaggi def beat a paper champion and he would be fighting a washed up Hatton.Boxing fans and the boxing media can be very ignorant and they will spin opponents and careers any way they can to foil someones accomplishment.When Paulie fought Cano,the boxing media complained he was fighting a young,easy opponent that lost to Eric Morales.Not that Paulie was stepping up and fighting a strong,young fighter that hit very hard and only lost to Morales.Malignaggi can fight Pacquiao and some fans and media would complain that he was fighting  someone who just was knocked out.

 Shane Mosley has not won in a while but losing to Mayweather,Canelo and Pacquiao is nothing to overlook.Those are three of the most dominant fighters in the last few years and Mosley was not KO’d by any of them.He was not landing much but he did not embarrass himself.A fight against Malignaggi is interesting because if Mosley does still have something left it will be a good fight pitting speed against speed with more power.I think Malignaggi does win this fight on points.Malignaggi will be too fast and Mosley will fade through the later rounds.But when you fight a guy like Mosley you never know when they will reach down and pull out a performance from the past.However,if Malignaggi gets Mosley on his resume that will lead to even bigger and better things.Mayweather and Pacquiao will never fight now so thats two big names that will need new opponents 4 times a year most likely.Sooner or later they will have to take a Malignaggi fight if he keeps winning.


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