Fresh off his impressive KO demolition of Lamont Peterson fans and promoters  have started to beat the next world beater drum as being Lucas Matthysse.And while his last few wins have been impressive,if you look more closely you will realize that this runaway train can come to a screeching hault long before it even comes close to the Floyd Mayweather stop.

If you look at Matthysse last 6 wins from Peterson down you can see that while impressive,it’s not as impressive as everyone is making it out to be.His win over Lamont Peterson is a good win but not a great win.Peterson ended with a draw against Victor Ortiz in 2010 and lost to Amir Khan but was given a gift decision in his hometown last year.He also lost a UD to Timothy Bradley.So Matthysse beat Peterson who’s biggest real wins came over Victor Cayo and Kendall Holt.Not exactly world class opponents.Before Peterson,Matthysse beat Mike Dallas Jr who is a good young fighter but not high quality.His four wins before Dallas Jr was Ajose Olusegun,Humbert Soto,Angel Martinez and Sergio Priotti.Olusegun was decent but limited and won’t beat anyone significant.Soto is just an opponent with 8 losses now.Angel Martinez was a young,decent fighter but nothing special and Priotti was a sacrificial lamb with 10 losses handpicked to be Matthysse comeback fight after his loss to Devon Alexander.That leads to his only two losses which were both controversial.His loss to Devon Alexander was a close fight where many had him winning especially since he knocked Alexander down in fourth round.Same thing with the Zab Judah defeat.He  knocked Judah down in round 10 which led most to think that he shouldget  the decision in a close fight.Both fights were close and could have gone either way.Matthysse should have at least won the Judah fight because he was more active and did more damage.The Alexander bout could have gone to Matthysse but Alexander landed more shots and a decision for Alexander wasn’t a robbery at all.

The point is not to say that Matthysse is not a world class fighter that deserves bigger fights.He is and will get them.But everyone is getting too excited already putting him in with Floyd Mayweather and saying he would beat Danny Garcia.While Matthysse is very heavy handed and has a great chin he would have trouble with both Mayweather and Garcia.Mayweather is still alot faster,slicker and a much better counter puncher.He would have to knock Mayweather out but first he would have to catch him.I wouldn’t count on that.Danny Garcia is a smart fighter who would bang when he had to with Matthysse but he would land alot of his own punches.And we know Garcia has power himself .Until I see Garcia in trouble or even in a close fight I make him the favorite here.The point is Lucas Matthysse may look like a monster against subpar to good fighters but Garcia and Mayweather are a step above Matthysse and would likely beat him.

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