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When the Barclay’s Center was built,all boxing fans envisioned epic battles in Brooklyn that would drive fans back to boxing in the area.So far it has delivered with big fights on every card.Pretty much every card from Danny Garcia vs Eric Morales to Paulie Malignaggi vs Adrien Broner has delivered memorable nights.Now with talk of a fight between Brooklyn natives Zab Judah and Paulie Malignaggi on the table,this is a bad time to lowball either fighter when it comes to money.This fight is exactly what the Barclay’s Center was built for.When will we get another Battle of Brooklyn like this between two multiple world title holders.It will be years if ever.

Malignaggi has made it simple in his interviews about this fight.He wants the fight but pay him what he’s worth and he will jump on board.You can’t blame Paulie for wanting to get the best possible deal.You have to wonder what the promoters are thinking.Malignaggi lost a very disputed split decision to Broner in June and aside from that loss he hasn’t lost since May 2010 to Amir Khan.Right now he is the biggest name in Brooklyn boxing along with Judah.Malignaggi is a two time,two division champion who is one of the best promoters of his own fights,sells tickets and brings in big ratings fight night.Just look at how high the ratings were for Malignaggi vs Broner.A fight with Judah would sell Barclay’s out and bring in big ratings again on Showtime.The fight itself would be a war between two warriors with great speed and skill  who never quit.This fight is a slam dunk that should have been signed a month ago.You have to wonder with all the money thrown around in boxing to prospects that never pan out,overrated and past their prime boxers why this fight wouldn’t have priority.

If this fight is eventually signed which I think it wil be,it should be the main event.Word was it could be the co-main event on Khan vs Alexander on December 7  but Malignaggi/Judah is big enough to warrant it’s own date.Hopefully Golden Boy and Richard Schaefer realize this fight is wanted by not only the fighters but the fans too and do whatever has to be done to get this fight made.Just pay Paulie already!

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