This weekend there are a few big fights that are must see for any boxing fan.Unfortunately, Shane Mosley won’t be fighting Anthony Mundine because of a money issue.Definately can’t blame Mosley for skipping town if he felt he was going to get the shaft.Who wouldn’t have left? But there are even bigger fights than that one that everyone is looking forward to.Here they are…

Bernard Hopkins vs Karo Murat – We haven’t seen much of Murat but what is out there shows what looks to be a limited boxer with a decent defense that will give Hopkins not too many problems.In what could become a showcase fight for Hopkins before he is pushed to fight either Sergey Kovalev or Adonis Stevenson, I just don’t see Murat beating Hopkins unless Hopkins finally shows his age.Murat is a strong fighter who has a chance of winning if Hopkins decides to get in exchanges all night.But we know Hopkins will be too smart to do that.He will dance around Murat all night and pick him apart ,leading up to a very easy unanimous decision win.The most interesting part of this fight will be in the post fight interview when he is asked if he will face Kovalev or Stevenson next year.


Peter Quillin vs Gabe Rosado- These are two fighters from the local area who I really like alot and I am looking forward to this fight more than any other fight this weekend.Rosado showed alot of heart in his last fight but was not enough to stop GGG.While Kid Chocolate has been running through opponents at a more impressive rate each fight.Quillin is a hard fight for anyone at this point because he has the total package.Excellent boxing skills,speed,power and precision.It will take someone of equal skill like GGG has shown to even be competitive with Kid Chocolate.Rosado is a warrior every time he gets in the ring but I don’t think he has the speed or counter ability to beat Quillin.This fight might have better exchanges than the usual Kid Chocolate fight does, where Quillin gets all the knockdowns.At least with Rosado’s power he might have a chance of stunning or knocking down Quillin.But in the end we will see Quillin break down Rosado and win by TKO somewhere in the 10th or 11th round.The logical thinking is if GGG beat up Rosado why can’t Kid Chocolate?Since I feel Quillin would beat GGG,I see no other outcome.


Kell Brook vs Senchenko- There is something about this fight I really like.Maybe it’s the revenge idea for the U.K. after Senchenko ended Ricky Hatton’s comeback last November.Maybe it’s the curiosity of finally seeing Brook in against a decent name.Regardless, this is an interesting fight that will lead the winner into a big fight against maybe Devon Alexander or another champion.Senchenko’s size and reach could give Brook trouble but one thing we have seen is Senchenko can be outboxed,even badly,by a shorter,faster,more skilled fighter like when he faced Paulie Malignaggi.Brook is similar to Malignaggi in that he is fast,jabs alot and has great foot speed.Senchenko could get very frustfrated and start getting sloppy which will lead right into Brook’s plan.This fight will be very similar to Malignaggi v Senchenko in every way.I see Brook winning a decision in a decent fight where Brook wins most rounds by being more active.




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