cotto vs martinez


June 7 at Madison Square Garden will be an epic night of boxing when Miguel Cotto takes on Sergio Martinez for his WBC Middleweight title.Give Cotto a ton of credit for taking this fight.He is moving up to take on Martinez in hopes of grabbing another world title at middleweight this time.Both fighters are still effective but somewhat past their prime.But this fight has all the makings of a classic.

The one problem Cotto may have is the speed issue.Martinez who has been on the shelf  due to a fractured hand is fully healed and fully rested.His legs are fresh and that could be bad news for Cotto.If this fight plays out like when Martinez fought the stronger but slower Julio Cesar Chavez Jr we could see Martinez playing the matador all night.Which means Cotto will be doing alot of chasing and missing.Martinez on his game will dance around Cotto and hit him from every awkward angle possible.And with Martinez having power as well that could lead to a long night for Cotto.One thing we know is Cotto is a warrior and won’t get knocked out.If  Martinez is too fast for Cotto we could likely get a wide unanimous decision for Maravilla.

cotto vs martinez

But that is the best case scenario for Martinez.What about the best case scenario for Cotto?If Cotto can get Martinez on the ropes and start working the body that could severely slow down Martinez and make him an easier target.Cotto looked devastating in his last fight against Delvin Rodriguez but  Martinez is light years ahead of Rodriguez as far as ability.As we saw in Martinez’s last three fights against Matthew Macklin,Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Martin Murray,Martinez can be knocked down.He was almost out against Chavez Jr in the 12th round but Martinez survived on heart alone.He was done if the round had more time.Cotto has an excellent chance of hurting Martinez in this fight if he can catch him.And who’s to say even after a year out of the ring, that Martinez will have his legs still.At almost 40 Martinez is in the same position as most fighters that age where any fight could be the fight he doesn’t have it anymore.Same for Cotto.

Right now with three months to go,I think the most likely scenario is Martinez being too  fast for Cotto and he will win a decision.But with all the unknown factors brought into the ring that night,plus the fact that this is two of boxing biggest stars over the last decade, it will no doubt be one of the highlights of the boxing year.

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